Sunday, June 15, 2014

FOREVER RIDE by Chelsea Camaron

(The Hellions Ride #2)
by Chelsea Camaron
ARC Review
Release: June 9, 2014

My rating: 3.5 of 5 ⭐️

As daughter of a Hellion, Savannah 'Sass' Perchton, grew up in the MC life. She loved her extended family, but after the man she had waited for her entire life turned her down and then ended up barely alive in the hospital, she had enough. Craving a safe and normal life, she settles in with Nick, a man who likes order and control. Letting go of her biker family is difficult, but it is a choice she needs to make and one Nick strongly encourages.

Stuck in a body that won't cooperate, but mostly aware of his surroundings, the Hellions Road Chief, Frank Oleander - or 'Tank' for short - has nothing but time to contemplate his life and his choices. Many times he wishes he could let himself drift off on the darkness, but then he hears her voice, or feels her touch. Sassy, his friend, the girl he has always loved but was never ready for, until now, when he can't do anything about the fact that she is drifting further and further away.

As Tank fights in silence to hold on, Sass struggles to leave her heartbreak behind and start new.   Just as Sass decides to cut all ties with the club, Tank starts to show signs of recovery. And when what seemed to be a perfect future turns into an oppressive reality for Sass, it is Tank who can sense his girl is in trouble.


A bit of a departure from the first book in the series in terms of vibe, but a good read nonetheless!!

This is the second book in The Hellions Ride Series and although it technically has its own HEA, I would not suggest reading it by itself. Too much of the story is referring back to events from the first book. 

Sass disappointed me a little in that she seemed very beaten down in this book. The impression I had from her was a spunky, hard-nosed and sassy girl, quite able to take care of herself, but in this book she seems to have lost all her fire. She willingly allows herself to be treated as a doormat and does nothing but justify it in her mind. I understand it in part, she wants to make that break so badly - and not necessarily to get away from the MC life as she likes to claim - but I think more to get away from her desillusionment and heartbreak over Tank. But to allow yourself to be erased the way Nick is erasing her is something I simply can't see.

In that same vein, I get that Tank had a pretty massive life-altering experience, and frankly I loved the contemplative periods he went through, but his "I am Alpha, you are MINE" was gone..... He had very little fire left as well and simply sat back for the longest time, which seems so unlike what I would think an Alpha, let alone a biker would do, territorial as they are.

All in all I felt this was perhaps a story better suited to a more condensed issue in the form of a novella. Although never boring, it did seem to be drawn out with relatively little movement.

The writing by Chelsea Camaron was as expected sharp and engaging. I am happy this story was told, I was anticipating it and wasn't disappointed. I will continue to follow this series!

✨A steamy, charged and stormy struggle back from the ledge.✨

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