Tuesday, June 3, 2014

UNTIL NICO by Aurora Rose Reynolds

(Until #4)
by Aurora Rose Reynolds
ARC Review
Released: June 3, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

Very carefully, that is how Sophie Grates has been living her life thus far. Trust is her biggest shortfall and she has good reason. Since moving, Sophie hasn't made any friends, still relying on her one best friend she left behind. Carefully navigating her job and the new town, she hasn't ventured out enough to meet anyone. That is until fate delivered her Nico, tall, rugged, tattooed and dangerous looking and yet the most beautiful man she'd ever seen.

He never thought it would hit this hard, the family curse. But when Nico Mayson met the sweet, pretty and innocent looking school librarian, it didn't take more than a second for him to know, Sophie was his. So unlike his usual casual conquests, who were always fast and easy, this girl was shy and resistent and for the first time, Nico had to work to win the girl. But there was no way he would give up on her, no matter how difficult she made it or how much ribbing he would need to take from his brothers.

It seems Nico had not been the only one who has seen the treasure in Sophie. There is someone else who has been standing on the sidelines, waiting for an opportunity to jump in and they are not thrilled 'their' Sophie looks to be off the market. But they will have to find a way through Nico if they want to get to their treasure.....


The most adorable Mayson brother!!!

Aurora Rose Reynolds sure knows how to write a fantasy man!! One that makes you all warm and gooey inside, irks the snot out of you and can curl your toes in the throes of passion......all within seconds!! Not to mention they have that hot, dark and dangerous, yummy look about them. Yup, Aurora does a good Alpha hero!

Sophie is a sweetie, a bit of an innocent, who had a really aweful experience at an impressionable age and had no one to help her process the aftermath. From the time she was a teenager there was no one to protect her, so as a way to protect herself, she minimized her exposure. By limiting her socializing, not dating, not making friends - all intended so she would not need to worry about possible negative consequences. She had no one to fall back on if things were to go wrong. Life had proven that to her a few times already. Nico is the antithesis of all she thought she knew. Without her invitation, he simply is there, ready to catch her when she falls, not waiting for her to ask or for her permission, she turns around and there he simply is. At first she doesn't quite know what to make of this, but with time she finds herself first anticipating - then expecting - and finally knowing in the depth of her heart, that he will catch her when she falls.

Boy, Nico has it bad, right from the start, and it may seem he is jumping through hoops, but this is something he wants from the core of his being. Every thing he does, every change he makes, is not out of obligation or by way of a request, it is because HE wants this, for himself, for his woman and with his woman. Sure, his family scoffs and so do his friends, making it seem like 'the mighty have fallen', but in Nico's eyes he has simply found his rightful home. 

The love story - absolutely delightful. The intrigue part of the story could have used a little bit more presence overall. Snippets of that thread were rather haphazard through the book and the flow was a little lost on that, losing some of its credibility. 

Also there were a few chapters that went into warp speed, when certain events from past books were taking place, since this story in part overlaps a previous novel. When those events pass, there is reference to it, as if the reader should know what happened in the previous book without any brief synopsis or explanation. I find that a little dangerous. This book could serve as a standalone novel, but that small little elimination of a proper synopsis of parallel events, completely obliterates that option in my opinion. It would not have taken much.

Having said that, the writing is great, and I love Aurora Rose Reynolds' style. She is engaging in her language use, knows her way around a literary bedroom and has a healthy insight in the human psyche and is not afraid to have her alpha men show some insight as well. A pleasure to read, as always!! I also read a few lines of what is coming next......let me tell you; THAT is one I am itching to get my paws on!!

✨Sweet, funny and blistering hot page-turner!✨

**Copy provided in return for an honest review**

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