Monday, June 9, 2014

HEAT by Jamie K. Schmidt

(Club Inferno #1)
by Jamie K. Schmidt
ARC Review
Released: June 3rd, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

It wasn't easy for Mallory Bryant to seek the help from her sister, but after leaving an increasingly abusive situation with her fiancee and having run out of resources after two months on the run, she had no choice but to put her dysfunctional family issues aside and put herself at her older sibling's mercy. An ER physician and normally the 'balanced' one of the sisters, feeling this afraid and unsettled is out of character for Mallory, which is why her sister Colleen arranges for some security to be in place.

Couture is a resort with a dual purpose, one part catering to the up and coming in the world of fashion and design and the other more obscure part caters to the world of the erotically creative. Max Spencer is an aspiring designer who is also one of the resort's highly specialized Doms and a martial arts trainer. What he hadn't hired on as, was baby sitter, but apparently that was to be his new assignment according to his boss. Not something he was very excited about, until he got a glimpse of his charge, his boss' sister Mallory, and suddenly the assignment seemed much less of a chore.

On strict instructions Max attempts to steer Mallory away from the more interesting parts of the resort, but it doesn't take very long for some of the more salient favours the resort offers, to come to light. And to Max' surprise, Mallory seems intrigued. Before long, it isn't just self-defense that Max is instructing Mallory in, but the more sensual pleasures the body can provide. 

Both disciplines plus the unyielding support Max is providing Mallory serves her well, when the cause of her fears suddenly catches up with her.


Highly tantallizing and full of great sarcastic humor!! 

A story with great characters who each individually show fantastic personalities. The dialogues are intelligent, witty and sharp and it is written cleverly. Jamie K. Schmidt pays the reader a great compliment by writing with the obvious expectation of a certain level of insight and intelligence, as opposed to 'dumbing' the story down by explaining and outlining every little detail. She makes the correct assumption that certain dynamics, interactions, emotions etcetera, can be worked out by the reader without needing to have it pre-chewed for them. I love that!! 

Max is an interesting fellow with multiple layers and not at all a predictable Alpha. For one, he is a clothing designer at heart, something that has caused his 'manhood' to have been questioned in the past, and he also has an infinitely tender and insightful side. Apparently this has made absolutely no difference in his substance as either an Alpha male or a Dominant. Since he is both with quite a dose of conviction. These seemingly incongruent layers make the entire slice so much more delicious, with hard and soft alternating.

With Mallory's character the interest comes from her carefully contained passion. She has been one to always colour inside the lines and live a carefully measured and dosed out life, but once control was ripped from her hands involuntarily and exposed her, she had nothing to lose and finally started exploring some of her more basic desires. Finding that life can be more vivid when experiencing as opposed to existing. Max allows her to slowly build her trust in him and lets her fly.

There is a book or two bubbling in the background of HEAT. Supporting characters that are moving around in the periphery that would provide for interesting main subjects in a future novel. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my instincts are on par and we will see some future installments coming our way for Club Inferno. I'll be first in line!

✨A fabulous combination of scorching heat and ascerbic wit!✨

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