Sunday, June 1, 2014

REV by JC Emery

(Bayonet Scars MC #3)
by JC Emery
ARC Review
Release: May 19, 2014

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

Hating the fact that she allowed herself to make a series of poor choices that ended her back in her hometown, broke, and living in her parents' house, made Holly Mercer determined to dust herself off, pull up her bootstraps and get herself back on track. But when her job at the local high school puts her in the path of the pig-headed father of a troubled teenage girl, who happens to be part of the local biker club, both her resolve and her libido find themselves on shaky ground.

Forsaken MC's VP, Grady, is trying to cope with the loss of his good friend and mentor and doesn't have time for some pain in the arse school administrator to stick their nose in his family. She may be pretty, but he has no time in his life for goody-two-shoes. He has bigger fish to fry. Like the Mancuso Family, who haven't let up on the threats against the Forsaken MC. But when those threats occur on school property and involve his daughter AND the school administrator, Grady doesn't pull any punches and quickly introduces Holly to protective measures, MC style.

It doesn't take long for their antagonistic relationship to combust into a passionate inferno once Grady has Holly safely ensconced in his house along with the rest of his family. With protection detail spread thin, there was no other option to ensure her safety, and he frankly didn't mind having her that close. But that doesn't mean she can't be found, or hurt........


Best scene in a book, EVER!!! And this is how it starts...... 

"You see that - that nervous excitement you're feeling? I'm under your skin. You don't have to like it, but I'm there," he says so quietly it comes out as a whisper.'s all I'm gonna give you, because this is a scene that has to be experienced. I adored it!! The tension was phenomenal.

There was so much said in this book without words. That may sound weird when talking about a book, but JC Emery has found a way with REV to write very suggestively. Use described body language and peripheral description to outline the underlying context, which fills itself in as you read. The characters are studies in itself, that appear to be perhaps a tad two-dimensional at first, but with the scene I allude to above, they show a completely new awareness that injected this story with many more layers. It forced me to pay closer attention, to read between the lines more and not just go by the words on the paper.

Although I guess the book could theoratically stand on its own, I strongly suggest you read both RIDE and THRASH prior to picking up REV. It will provide you with some necessary backstory, to which there is plenty referral. As well as an introduction to the full cast of characters and their individual dynamics, which plays quite a big role. 

There are some horrendously graphic scenes described in this book. I refer to one incident in particular, but I feel it has a purpose in this story, the entire focus of the series as well as - what I suspect to be - the prep for perhaps a future installment. Very well written, but utterly disturbing.

This entire series is highly recommended, but REV is so far my favorite. It feels there has been maturing in the writing by JC Emery. A trust she is putting in the reader now, to pick up on innuendo and suggestion she puts out there, that I haven't seen before. It's a compliment to us, her readers. And she does it damn well!!!

✨Chills!! of all kinds...... ✨

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