Sunday, June 8, 2014

INVINCIBLE by Alana Albertson

(The Trident Code #1)
by Alana Albertson
ARC Review
Re-release: June 8, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

Patrick is a navy seal on short leave in Curacao when he engages with a prostitute who whispers in his ear that her name is Annie Hamilton, an American who disappeared off a cruise ship five years ago. After his initial shock and disbelief, his sense of duty and responsibility take over and he takes it upon himself to orchestrate a rescue mission with the help of his closest friends.

A mere shadow of her former self, Annie is barely surviving her dehumanizing conditions until the arrival of the kind military man. She wants to believe he can help her, but hope is difficult to cling to when daily circumstances push you further and further away from anything resembling normalcy. Fear has guided her for so long that hope is an almost painful experience. 

Events have made it more complicated than anticipated to rescue Annie, but Patrick is not about to give up. And even when Annie is finally brought to safety, Patrick finds it difficult to step back into the shadows after his part is done. There is something about Annie that keeps drawing him back and when Annie seeks him out and shares some more of her experience with him, he discovers she might not be completely out of danger yet.


An awesome synopsis, one of the best I've read and I am happy to report that the story that followed, with the new addition of Annie's point of view as well as some very compelling and strong story motivators, is tied in much better with this re-write!! Well done!

A very sensitive story to write on many levels, not in the last place because of the slightly unfair judgement that is being placed on our hero for visiting a whorehouse in the first place. But let's be fair here..... we are talking about a young, unattached military man who is deployed for months at a time, who is seeking some 'companionship' and physical release, unaware what he is walking into. Aside from which, he does not hesitate to take action as soon as he sees the lay of the land. It is easy to condemn from our comfy armchairs, with our needs provided for at will, but there are times where we would do well to try and place ourselves in the battered shoes of others, whose circumstances aren't always as uncomplicated. 

Alana Albertson has been very careful to write these characters with the respect they deserve and without judgement, and that is how I've chosen to read them.

The attention for the difficult adjustments after the harrowing years are over for Annie, are what makes this story special. This is so much more than a simple happily ever after. This story takes you beyond the end of the 'nightmare' and shows some of the permanent scars left after all the dust has settled. The irreperable damage done to the lives of victims and loved ones, but also the unbelievable resilience of spirit and healing power of love.

I so appreciate the courage of Alana Albertson to listen to her readers, to go back, enhance her book and ensure that the story she intended to tell is heard. That took some guts! Bravo!

✨A dark and disturbing but also very courageous and touching story of survival against the odds....✨

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