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Blog Tour & Giveaway - CHARLESTON HEAT by Samantha Garman

by Samantha Garman
Released: June 4, 2014  Amazon.UK  Amazon.AUS


Shay Mahone defines the word ‘independent’. While avoiding emotional entanglements, she focuses on her goal of opening her own yoga studio with her best friend, Charlie.

Brodie Davidson is everything Shay doesn’t want: a famous, arrogant drummer who’s never photographed with the same woman twice. He’s temptation and destruction in one sexy, devastating combination.

Though she vows to keep her distance, Shay finds it impossible to ignore the sensual fire between them. Brodie has never wanted a relationship—until he meets Shay. They both must strip away each other’s veneer in order to reveal the person they were meant to find.

Breaking all of their rules gives Brodie and Shay a freedom they’ve never felt. Just when they discover who they really are, the realities of living a public life intrude. Trials and tribulations are nothing new to either of them, but is their relationship strong enough to overcome all that threatens to tear them apart?

by Samantha Garman
ARC Review
Released: June 4, 2014

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

Working two jobs already, Shay Mahone has just started her third job, intended to finance the renovations required to finalize the yoga studio she and her roommate are hoping to open in the near future. No time or inclination for dating, let alone a relationship, she swiftly sidesteps any and all attempts at setups orchestrated by Charlie, who is afraid that one bad experience will cause his bestie, Shay to let her life pass her by. But instead, bumping into a gorgeous and famous drummer of a popular rockband while working a charity event, stops Shay dead in her tracks.

Typical bad-boy rocker and ladies' man, Brodie Davidson is immediately intrigued by the distinctly unimpressed Shay. Not accustomed to outright rejection, he finds himself more and more attracted as opposed to turned off by the feisty and independent woman. Never one for complicated or lengthy entanglements, Brodie can't help but pursue Shay with everything in his arsenal, but none of his usual plays seem to work on her. It isn't until he reveals a more genuine side of himself that he finally sees a response. Although their mutual chemistry was evident from the start.

For both Shay and Brodie to be swept into something so unexpected and outside of their comfort zone, gives them a sense of freedom neither have experienced before. And as they start exploring each other, they have an opportunity to learn themselves again in a new way. It isn't until the reality of Brodie's life in the spotlight touches their relationship that the intensity and seriousness of their connection is truly tested. Is what they have real enough to survive the intense scrutiny?


Very refreshing and unexpected!!! Insightful, introspective and genuine and a pleasure to read.

Not a story with an extreme arc, but instead a steady development and growth, with distinct learning curves for the main characters, both about the other and themselves. Strong characters to begin with, who already had a set pattern and path in life and needed to find a way to make their relationship work without one or both of them losing their way. Something that we see all too often in romance stories; the sacrifices that apparently are deemed to be necessary in order to achieve love. This story feels very different in that there is equal respect for the life the other has built, regardless of fame and fortune. 

Brodie is a distinct Alpha male, however, one with a healthy respect for boundaries.......most of the time. As most men, he has some issues with sharing of himself, but just like a good woman, Shay won't let him get away with that. Just as Brodie won't let Shay get away with hiding and running scared of putting herself out there. She was hurt and although not a wallflower by any means, simply doesn't seem to have the energy right now to take that leap of faith without a good shove. She has a good head on her shoulders and although taking on someone with Brodie's extensive history is not easy, she recognizes his genuine efforts to prove his changed ways. 

Great dialogue between the two mains, as well as great interaction with Shay's best friend Charlie, who is a strong third character in this book. He brings in a touch of lighthearted humour that breezes through the story like a fresh wind. 

The heat level is most definitely up there and although not over the top, it is quite delicious!

Great writing with a fantastic flow and mature feel. This is my first book by Samantha Garman and I am happy to say I've found another writer to keep a close eye on!

✨A rousing, potent and straight-forward seduction!✨

**Copy provided in return for an honest review**

“You’re not going to believe who’s here,” Adam whispered.
“Who?” Shay asked, not really listening to the answer as she began reloading her tray.
“Brodie Davidson, the drummer from The Disclaimers.”
“Hmmm,” Shay replied.
“You don’t care?” John asked in pure dismay.
“Why would I care? I don’t even really listen to them.”
“What? Blasphemy!” Adam almost yelled. “They’re amazing.”
“I guess,” Shay said.
“Their drummer is a god,” John said. “Seriously.”
Shay sighed, but hastily glanced in the direction John pointed before looking away, only to have her eyes snap back like a rubber band. This time, she stared and her stomach leapt into her throat. Blood rushed south, leaving her light headed.
Dear. God.
The man was tall, easily six feet. His shoulders were broad, and though he was in a tuxedo, his dark, black hair was disheveled. It was a little long with a slight curl. His golden face was chiseled perfection, and he looked like a fallen angel hell bent on destroying the little peace left on earth.
Women are in trouble.
“Check out his date,” Adam murmured.
Standing next to Brodie was a willowy, fake blonde. She must have said something funny because Brodie smiled, and it had a truly disturbing effect on Shay; her cheeks flushed and her mouth went dry.
Shay somehow tore her gaze from the gorgeous musician and peered at John and Adam, whose eyes were in danger of popping out of their sockets like cartoon characters as they leered at the woman hanging on Brodie’s arm. “You two are repulsive.”
“Nope, we’re guys,” John clarified.
Shaking her head, she took the tray and began winding her way through the crowd—away from Brodie, who embodied sin, temptation, and every dirty thought she’d ever had all rolled into one. Her body betrayed her; she was unable to deny how attractive she thought he was. More than attractive; he was heart stopping, faint-worthy hot. Her pulse hammered, and she couldn’t swallow to save her life. If she didn’t know any better, she would’ve thought someone shot her up with a healthy dose of hormones. Desire’s dangerous claws were sinking in deep.
This man—damn.
She was smiling at patrons and handing them champagne, she was forced to stop. Brodie and his date were in her path. Her eyes slid over them as she squared her shoulders, sauntering past them. The sensuality of the musician tugged at her, and it took all of her willpower not to stop and gape at him again.
The glamazon was nearly as tall as Brodie, but only because she was wearing four inch black stilettos. She made Shay feel miniscule, even though she was average height. The blonde tossed long, expensively dyed curls over her shoulder and pouted plump red lips that had seen a doctor on more than one occasion for collagen injections. She pressed fake, perky breasts against his arm, and Shay was pleased to note that Brodie turned his face away, trying to hide his disgust as he took a swallow of his drink. It looked like scotch or bourbon.
“So as I was saying, I’m on this new diet. It’s all low carb and stuff, and I’m like hungry like all the time,” Glamazon simpered.
“Then eat a hamburger,” Shay murmured as she walked past them.
“Isn’t that funny?” Glamazon said to Brodie.
“Hilarious,” Brodie said.
Shay let out a snort, causing Glamazon and Brodie to stare in her direction.
The woman narrowed blue eyes at her and said, “Excuse me? Did you need something?”
“Champagne?” Shay asked, turning and holding out the tray to the woman who towered over her.
“Champagne gives me a headache. I want a vodka soda,” Glamazon demanded. “Not too much ice.”
“Right away.”
“What do you want, Brodie?” Glamazon wrapped a silky, tan arm around Brodie’s waist. The woman was staking her claim.
Duly noted, Shay thought wryly. She could have Brodie. The man looked like pure trouble. No—trouble was too tame a word for him. It would be like calling a lion cute.

Samantha Garman currently lives and writes in Brooklyn, NY. She loves Scotch, a great conversation with anyone willing to speak their mind and flannel pajamas. While yearning for a backyard and a dog, she’s decided to stay busy working on her next book.


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