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CLUB TIES (The Trinity Falls Series) by Mara McBain

CLUB TIES (The Trinity Falls Series) by Mara McBain
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Published: Wynwidyn Press, LLC, December 2012

It sucked me in and held me till the end.....I read the first book in this series, and there was no doubt I was going to read any book that followed. Mara McBain is on my favourites list!

Just outside his new apartment, Lords of Mayhem MC member, Mox, finds a battered and freezing girl crouched behind a dumpster. Eva is on the run from an abusive club owner, who is involved in prostitution and white slave trade, and who is not willing to let Eva go.........alive.

Mox and his family family take Eva under their wing and she is quickly adopted into the MC family as well. Mox may be a giant powerhouse, but he has a gentle touch, and under his care, Eva opens herself up to trust again and even learns to love. But the threat of her past is never far behind.

Once again, an awesome book!! Such a smooth read and what a great storyline.
There is some overflow from the first book into this one, so I would recommend reading CLUB JUSTICE (The Trinity Falls Series) first. It will give you a peek in life of this biker family.

The characters have depth and humanity and speak a recognizable language, which is one of the things I so appreciate about this writer. Individual histories are only addressed as it pertains to current situations or character development. Very little or no unnecessary descriptive language is used and the book has a very firm rhythm. The suspense is there, there is definitely some violence and the sex scenes are both sweet and sizzling ......all very nicely balanced!
Next book in the series is up for release sometime this summer.

If I had more than two thumbs, I'd stick em all up!!

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