Monday, July 28, 2014

ALL OF YOU by Gina Sorelle

(All of Me #2)
by Gina Sorelle
ARC Review
Release: July 28, 2014

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

"Brilliant geneticist Kat Ciaramitaro is, and always has been, a bit of a nerd. She’s also the only level-headed member of a big Italian family where crazy reigns supreme. A life-altering medical diagnosis seven years ago changed a lot of things, but most days, Kat handles the emotional and physical baggage just fine. Because that’s what strong women do, right? They stand and they deal. Or, if they can’t stand, they sit and they deal.

Cleveland Police Officer Danny MacDonough is broken. Eighteen years of being passed from foster home to foster home left him feeling unwanted and totally unlovable, but Danny’s spent every moment since his eighteenth birthday making up for lost time, grabbing happiness wherever he can, with whomever he can, however he can…all while making sure no one gets close enough to see all the cracks in his well-honed fa├žade.

When Kat’s sister married Danny’s best friend, their lives became forever intertwined. Despite their different backgrounds and polar opposite personalities, Danny and Kat formed a visceral connection the moment they met. They fought it with all they had, but one fateful night changes everything – thrusting them into an all-consuming, passionate relationship that threatens to tear down the walls they’ve so carefully constructed around their hearts.

But Kat is ill and Danny is wounded. And nothing about what’s developed between them is easy or neat. Their love is messy and chaotic and its intensity ultimately forces them into one final showdown where Danny and Kat must decide once and for all what will win–

His past, her future or their love?"


Absolutely phenomenal!! 

I had been anticipating this book for a long time, ever since I had finished reading ALL OF ME, the first book in this series, and the amazing Gina Sorelle did not disappoint! Even while reading the first story of Stella and Nathan, the chemistry between Kat and Danny was palpable, and the complexities of a possible relationship were hinted at. 

Danny is Nathan's best friend and partner on the police force, and from the time he meets Kat, Stella's sister, he feels a strong pull toward her. But he doesn't like entanglements, heck, he doesn't like anything with strings attached. They usually mean pain and heartbreak in his experience. So he does what he does best, he lives up to his well-earned reputation of manwhore and tries hard not to be envious of the safe haven his friend Nathan has found in his marriage with Stella. And he also tries avoiding Kat, whose dislike for him is obvious, which is probably for the best, since he could never be good enough for her anyway. But what he wouldn't give to call that amazing woman his.

Kat is over the moon for her sister Stella, who managed to beat a life threatening disease, found herself a good man and now they had a gorgeous little girl. She also realized that those things were not in the cards for her. Her work as a geneticist gave her enough satisfaction. Good at what she did, she hopefully could have a positive impact on some lives through her research. Her diagnosis with MS seven years ago had put a stop to dreams like love and a family of her own. It would be unfair to tie herself to anyone, when her future was so unsure. From day to day her situation changes and it was difficult enough on her, no need to drag someone else into it. The last thing she needed would be to fall for Danny, but it was so hard to stay away when he was so embroiled in her life.

Two "damaged" people - each not thinking themselves worthy of the other, in some way, yet forcefully drawn together. Two major stumbing blocks, one an indelible imprint from the past, that cannot simply be erased and the other a frightening certainty for the future without a timeline. It is almost too much to contend with, but with the love, support and meddling of the big and boisterous Ciaramitaro family, Danny and Kat take on the challenge.

I don't think I've ever cried so much for so many reasons while reading a book..... Not that it was sad - not at all. But I was so engaged in this story, so understanding of Kat's plight in particular, that it was almost cathartic to read. So many inner thoughts, fears and feelings I recognized were right there..... in writing. So yes, I cried, because I was there - am there - along with many others who deal with chronic disabling disease, in this book. 

I thanked Gina Sorelle after I read ALL OF ME. I have to thank her even harder after ALL OF YOU. Her writing way above par, her insight and understanding gives me goosebumps, her stories are a perfect mix of emotion, humor and yes .... thank God .... hot sweaty sex! 

Her writings have been a great motivator to me personally to reach for more, to dare to step outside the box to which I thought I was assigned. 

✨Tore me up and put me back together - better than I was.....✨

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