Saturday, July 5, 2014

FALLEN by Callie Hart

(Blood & Roses #4)
by Callie Hart
ARC Review
Release: July 8, 2014

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

Her focus having been solely on finding her sister for years, Sloan wasn't prepared for the aftermath. Instead of life returning to normal, it only seemed she got pulled further and further down the rabbit hole. Some of the lengths she had to go through to find Alexis have wrapped themselves around her tight. Some to do her harm and one to protect her, and that one feels too good to let go.

With Alexis found, Zeth is on unsettled ground. He has lost his leverage in holding on to Sloan and made himself a target to former associates. Unfamiliar with the feelings she brings out in him, he knows only she is his to protect at all cost. Even with his penchant for violence all but gone with the introduction of Sloan to his life, he will kill to keep her safe. And he may need to do just that.


Not a peaceful moment!! Fan-frickin-TASTIC!! 

This is one of those "hold-on-to-your-seat" episodes, where every page you turn you find yourself drawn down deep into the rabbit hole right along with Sloan, just barely hanging on by your fingernails! 

There is some shift for Sloan in this instalment when little by little, the mess she is dragging behind her, courtesy of sister-dear, is starting to affect the rest of her family too, thus tainting her once 'normal' life. Her feelings around Zeth as conflicted as ever - that is to say, there is no doubt she wants the man, and there is no doubt she doesn't think he is healthy for her. The conflict lies in whether the heart or the head is going to be loudest.

The biggest change, though, is in Zeth. Whereas before, he was comfortable in his role as violent enforcer and not apologetic about his lifestyle - he now has become reluctant towards that level of violence and reflective on his past. This has everything to do with Sloan and his undeniable connection to her. But for a man who's lived a life so out of touch with any kind of emotion, his feelings for Sloan become also his weak spot.

And we are not done yet folks!! There is so much more story to be told, you can tell this was a book that was gearing up to swing the boom in a slightly different wind. With Alexis found and that objective taken care of for all intents and purposes, a new story line has flowed from that. One with Charlie, Zeth's uncle as evil villain. And Christ is he scary!! Read it, you'll see!

You MUST read these books in order. There simply isn't another way and it is unequivocally worth it!! Deviant (book #1), Fracture (book #2), Burn (book #3) and then read Fallen. 

Callie Hart is an exceptional writer who will make you swoon, swear and swallow, and eating out of her hand after the first book - feeding you perfectly measured portions so you never get too full, too fast!!

✨A veritable labyrinth of danger and emotion!✨

**Copy provided in return for an honest review.**

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