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Blog Tour & Giveaway - THE LAST DAY OF MY LIFE by Lani Lynn Vale

(Freebirds #4)
Author: Lani Lynn Vale
Published: June 30, 2014
Genre: Contemporary MC Romance/Military Romance  Amazon.UK  Amazon.AUS



She's been known as Jane for the last seven years.  Have you ever felt lost?  Well she knows lost.  She’s the definition of lost.  Cruelly beaten within an inch of her life?  Check.  No memory of anything that's happened since she woke up from that beating?  Check.  Losing a child, especially one she didn’t remember conceiving?  Check.  Jane has been sent away from her home of the past seven years by a hot older biker that tells her that her life’s in danger.  His solution is to send her to a place that’s the home of a man that she feels a connection with instantly.  A bone deep connection.


Jack's spent the last seven years in a depression.  After the death of his young wife while on his first tour of duty in Afghanistan, he hasn't seen the appeal of participating in the world around him.  He’s lost everyone that’s ever meant anything to him.  His mom.  His dad.  His sister.  His wife.  Why make any more connections?  They’re just going to die.  The only things keeping him on this earth with boots firmly planted are his brothers who fought with him during hell on earth, and his best friend, the man that was there for his wife when he couldn't be.  The one who promised to keep her safe, and didn’t.  Then he loses one of those things, and Jack really has nothing left.  He comes home to an empty bed, and dreams of what used to be, caught up in a never ending nightmare that never ends.  Until she screams his name, that is.


A name is the first memory that has surfaced in her brain in the last seven years.  That name is Jackopa.  Her husband.

(Freebirds #4)
by Lani Lynn Vale
ARC Review
Release: June 30, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

She can only remember the last seven years of her life, starting when she woke up in a hospital battered and broken and told she lost her baby. A baby she couldn't even remember being pregnant with. They made up a name for her and she made up a life for herself. Until one day she is approached by an older biker who hands her money, gives her a note and tells her she needs to leave town and find the man whose name is on the paper. 

Jack was devastated when discovering while on tour in Afghanistan, that his brandnew wife, Winter was dead. With his future shattered, he returns stateside and shuts down on life. He simply works and goes home. The only enjoyment he finds is on his bike. But when he hears a woman yell out his childhood name, a name very few people know, his heart starts to pound.

Seven years lost, Winter never forgot the feeling of safety she could feel in a man's arms - the right man. It doesn't take long for memories to seep back into her conscience now that she is found, and with it come some ominous clues to what happened seven years ago. Along with the realization that she is still in danger. But Jack is determined not to lose his wife. Not again.


A great story line! 

I loved the concept of the story even though I would have loved to have seen some of it a little tighter in the wrap up, I recognize that this book is part of a series and therefore some of the background and context would have been part of a previous instalment. 

Winter has been through hell and back, having been raised in a less than stellar family, if you can even call it that. And then to have to go through what she's been through, to come out the other side so strong and resilient is amazing. I think she is better able to adjust than Jack is.

Jack is riddled with guilt. In part survivor's guilt, in part guilt over giving up on her when she was obviously still alive somewhere, and the biggest one of all is guilt over failing to protect her. That last one comes back time and again. What he learns to recognize is that Winter is able to take care of herself, as long as she has him at her back. 

The only minor issue I found with the story is that the reunion seemed a little too pat, a bit too easy. There was little adjustment or validation needed before the marriage was back in 'full swing'. This after seven years of either believing your spouse to be dead, or not knowing you have a spouse at all, seemed a bit out there. 

The cameraderie between the guys at Free and the clandestine work they do to aid battered women, are all components that make this series so very attractive. The women all tend to grow into their own strengths and are very supportive of each other. I love that we get an opportunity to check in with the couples from previous novels from time to time. If you'd like a milder but equally hot MC series, perhaps check this one out!!

✨A compelling, intense and hot-as-hell re-kindling✨

**Copy provided in return for an honest review**

A day in the life of Lani Lynn Vale.

Well, my day starts early.  So around 6:30, my kids start waking me up.  Most of the time it’s by screaming at the top of their lungs to ‘get out.’  
From there, I pass out milk, turn on Disney, start some laundry, do the kitchen, feed the kids, rinse and repeat.  Literally.  Once I have them settled and fed, then I start writing.
Sometimes it’s just here and there sporadically throughout the day (‘cause for some reason those kids just keep bugging for some Cheetos or juice), and others it’s a good hour at a time.  However, those times are few and far between because we do snacks, and laundry breaks and potty breaks, and Oh-My-Gosh the baby just pulled out every single wipe in the wipes container and used it to spread baby oil all over the bedroom floor breaks.  I could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture.
Then we do naptime where I get a good two-hour block of writing done (or maybe I fall into an exhausted heap on the couch and sleep for the full hour and a half, but I’ll never tell!)
Then the kids wake up and we run errands or trash the house some more so I can pick it up later.
Evenings become super busy for me where I start winding the kids down, feed them dinner, give baths, read eighteen Dr. Seuss books, and put them to bed.
Then the serious cleaning just got real, and I pick up Legos, blankets, and all the folded laundry that miraculously became unfolded.
All in all, my day is filled with cleaning, taking care of my little crazy children, and trying to write when I can.
Some days are better than others are, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

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Lani Lynn Vale is a married mother of three living in the greatest state in the world, Texas. She is currently a student pursuing her bachelor's degree in nursing. When she's not cooking, cleaning, wiping dirty faces free of permanent marker stains, going to school, or running errands, you can find her at her computer lost in her fictional character's world.


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