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(Bantorus MC #6)
by Debra Kayn
ARC Review
Release: July 8, 2014

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

Never having been one to tie himself down too much, Bantorus MC's Remmy Hollis is content as VP of the Federal Charter. Even though he is the oldest member, he enjoys the freedom to come and go too much to give it up for the kind of responsibility that comes with the presidency.  Fast living, fast women and fast bikes - although, at his ripe age of forty-eight, he finds himself admitting it's not as attractive as it used to be. What is attractive, however, is the put-together lady he just rescued from a confrontation with some guy on the streets of Federal. Not only that, he put her on the back of his bike. That's a first.

The lady in question, Natalie Orman, turns out to be the widow of the owner of the Meghoni Mine. Same mine that was tied in with Los Li's nefarious plans in Federal a year ago when the club president's woman was kidnapped. Natalie is under the impression her husband committed an atrocious act of murder followed by his own suicide and lives with the question if there had been anything more she could have done. The constant conflict with his family since his death has left her almost destitute and alone, so when a big burly and bossy biker comes along and literally plants her on the back of his bike; she is glad to hand off the reigns for a few.

Despite initial misgivings as to whether Natalie's presence in Federal was a coincidence or a clever ploy orchestrated by Los Li, Remmy's interest is more than peaked. And he is not alone. The fire that flares up between them is hot and intense and leaves no doubt as to what Remmy's intentions are toward Natalie. But as it turns out, Los Li most certainly does have some hand in the recent goings on around the Meghoni Mine and the Bantorus MC has their hands full making sure another one of their women does not fall victim to their cruelty.


THANK YOU!!! Debra. For making my Remmy so perfect!!! I have to tell you, after reading Fighting To Ride, the previous book in the series, I mentioned to the amazing Debra Kayn that I could not WAIT for the delicious older and more mature Remmy to have his own story. Little did I know that at that time, she was already plotting his book!! THIS book!

I adore Remmy's stance in life. He doesn't apologize for his choices, for his lifestyle or for his past. He owns it all. But he has lived hard, indulged and now, having mellowed with age, finds himself looking at something he truly didn't think was in the cards for him. A permanent commitment. He never realized it wasn't as much about the permanency of the commitment, but about whom he made it to. And he knew, almost right off the bat, he knew that Natalie - his lady - was his 'someone special'. Even long before he had bedded her, she stirred feelings in him that up to then had been foreign to him. The beauty of age is that you learn to accept things at face value, which is exactly what Remmy does. He doesn't question, or fight it, he simply accepts that his priorities have changed and changes his ways to fit.

Natalie, despite her forty years, is a relative innocent as it comes to the ways of the world. And yet she is not a stupid woman, she simply has not had a lot of personal experience. Having survived a pretty devastating loss of someone she had a less than healthy relationship with, she was eager to find some self-respect and balance in her life. Not willing to change or deny herself to suit someone else, she is determined to stand strong. Again, age for her plays a huge factor in her favor. Even though it may make her a bit self-conscious at first, it also gives her the courage to grab on to what is offered her with both hands. And that is exactly what she does.

The dynamic in more mature 'new love' as compared to young 'new love' can be so different in that it is much more direct and straight forward, more clear on what it is we need and are looking for. The change of pace is refreshing!

Loved having a visit to Pitnam, seeing the whole crew again, touching on their lives and getting a sense of developments. But make no mistake, you don't have to have read every book to be able to enjoy this one. Each of Debra's books can be read as a standalone, however, I find it helpful to read them chronologically so I can really experience the life of the characters. 

Debra Kayn's style is all her own. Rich scenes and warm atmosphere is created, drawing inspiration from life around her in the small town in the Bitterroot Mountains where she lives with her family. Her love for life comes through in her books, as does her passion for a badass biker man..... she oughta know, she married one many moons ago. And they do live happily ever after........ on cheesecake!!!

✨Remmy is my kinda man!!✨

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