Tuesday, July 8, 2014

REWARD OF THREE by Kelly Jamieson

(Rule Of Three #3)
by Kelly Jamieson
ARC Review 
Release: July 8th, 2014, Samhain Publishing

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

It's been three years since Kassidy, Dag and Chris all moved in together and solidified their poplyamorous relationship, and they've been able to find a rythm that works for all three of them. Friends and family, except for Chris' parents, have come to accept and love them as a triad and they've even found some new friends who are involved in similar relationships. 

So when a baby announces itself, the three of them are ready - even if the timing is a little off. Kassidy is just working on an important project that is going to last well into the next months, and Dag is about to finalize a deal that might take him overseas for a substantial time frame. Slowly uncertainties start creeping in, until what should have been a happy time, turns in to a circle of regrets, doubts and pain.

Will a vicious rumour from Chris and Kassidy's office grapevine be the last nail in the coffin or the wake up call they needed??


Wow!! Short but super intense. 

A condensed, highly tumultuous slice from Kassidy, Dag and Chris' life, chronicling the changing dynamics of their relationship as they are expecting their first child. Kelly Jamieson gives us some insight in some conventional and some not so conventional considerations and feelings when a baby is on the way to one mother, and two fathers. Not just those of the threesome, but of friends and grandparents as well. 

A painful discovery leads to each of them isolating from the other, trying to shield each other  and themselves, instead of working through the issues together. The first true test of their strength as a unit and they almost fail. But ultimately see their way back and are only stronger for the experience. 

As always, physical expression is a huge part of the relationship, and no less so in this book. Kelly Jamieson sure knows how to make the sheets disintegrate! Smoking hot two-somes and three-somes dot the pages, and the intense craving for each other becomes an almost palpable thing from the pen of Ms. Jamieson.

I would not consider this a standalone novel and recommend this only as a follow up read to RULE OF THREE and RHYTHM OF THREE.

✨High intensity drama and hot double decker sex!!!✨

**Copy provided in return for an honest review**

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