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A SIMPLE TWIST OF FATE (A Hanover Brothers Novel) by HelenKay Dimon

A SIMPLE TWIST OF FATE (A Hanover Brothers Novel) by HelenKay Dimon
Advanced Reading Copy
To Be Released: July 16, 2013
Publisher:  InterMix

When Sophie infiltrates the Hanover household, posing as a housekeeper, she really did intend to stay under the radar. All she wants, is to find the one thing that will safeguard her aunt's secret and then leave the rest of the house, and the people in it, in peace. 

But Beck Hanover has noticed the housekeeper, in more ways than one. As youngest of the three Hanover brothers, and lawyer of the family, his job has been to sort through the pile of claims against the family estate. All a result of their late father's career as a con artist, and following the death of their grandmother, their responsibility now. 

Since then, the brothers have returned to the family home and the community has not exactly welcomed them with open arms. Sins of the father........and all that. So needless to say, Beck is a little suspicious, when he catches Sophie doing more than just dusting around the house at odd times. Then again, everyone in the family seems to be keeping secrets and trust seems a high priced commodity.

Sophie is finding fit difficult to maintain her distance from Beck, when all she wants to do is get closer. The pull is obviously mutual, but she has to keep reminding herself that her first loyalty has to be to her aunt, and Beck has already made it clear that he knows she is up to something. Finally she decides to take a leap and offer herself to Beck, making it clear that whatever it is she is keeping from him, has nothing at all to do with him or his brothers, hoping that will buy her some time.

And it does, at first. As Beck and Sophie give in to months of pent up sexual tension, and try to create a tentative relationship, external forces are gathering to blow apart all secrets and with it, their blossoming relationship. Question is, can the family, and Beck and Sophie, survive the explosion?


I swear, secrets can and will destroy everything!!!! 
This family is rooted in secrets and lies, the brothers work so hard to pull themselves out of the devastation left by the career their father made of lying. And yet, they still seem to be surrounded by them. Combine that with the stigma attached to the name Hanover, and it's no wonder they have an inherent suspicion towards any 'outsiders'. Trust is not something given easily. But even among the three of them, they hesitate to be completely open with each other, always keeping part of themselves hidden. 

For Beck, Sophie is a catalyst. He has become so used to people seeing him as part of his father's life and therefore painted with the same brush, that when Sophie ends up defending him and his brothers against some accusatory voices, he is floored. But he is also used to being in a defensive mode all the time, so when there is disagreement, he can only see a situation from his point of view. Sophie has had her own traumatic childhood, and her own family issues to deal with and her responses are directly linked to that, no different than for Beck. So when he is reminded that there are two parts to a whole, two frames of reference, he realizes that a lot of things he might have thought to be unforgivable before, are actually quite understandable, if you take an opportunity to examine all sides.

Both characters grow in the course of this book, becoming better, more complete and developed as individuals, and richer and fulfilled as a couple.

Good grief, and the heat these two ignite, once unleashed?? Yowza!! HelenKay Dimon sure knows how to make the pages smoke. The fallibility and imperfection of the characters makes them all the more loveable and real. And it's not just that.........she tells a good story it in a very clever, funny, yet insightful way that makes me want to read more.....and more, wondering if I will ever be sated.

This book will get my 5 STARS everywhere I go. 

HelenKay Dimon turns a dramatic subject into a smart, sexy, stimulating read!

**ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Penguin Group Berkley in return for an honest review.**

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