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AXEL (Corps Security) by Harper Sloan

AXEL (Corps Security) by Harper Sloan
Published: July 24, 2013, Harper Sloan

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It's been two years since Isabelle managed to escape her nightmare of a marriage that lasted six years. She still can't believe she got caught being the wife of an abusive bastard of a husband, even less that she finally managed to get away from him. Thanks to her good friends Dee and Greg who managed to pull her battered and broken body out of the house. Now all she needs is his signature to make the divorce final, but as per usual, life makes nothing easy for Isabelle. Her ex has found her, and is leaving threats. 

Izzy gets protection from her friend Greg, who is calling in his partner in a security company to help make sure that she is adequately protected. All Izzy wants to do is forget the past and get on with the fiefs she has started building for herself, but she grudgingly acknowledges that she might need to ramp up her security until at least the divorce is finalized. But when she suddenly comes face to face with the person who is supposed to protect her, she believes she is looking at a ghost.

Axel had no clue that the 'Izzy' his partner had talked about, was in fact Isabelle. Seeing her after twelve years, was like a kick in the gut, and all the anger he carried all those years bubbled right to the surface. But he could hardly yell at a woman who keeled right over at the sight of him. She looked utterly shocked and terrified and he is bound to find out why. First however, he has a job to do, and that is to protect her from an ex-husband who seems unwilling to let her go.

Facing each other after twelve years and pain, questions and recriminations stirring up a storm of emotions, doesn't seem to stop the strong desire that is still very alive between Izzy and Axel. But until any and all misunderstandings about the past are cleared up and any current threats are taken care of, there is no way to move forward from the anger they find themselves stuck in.


Phew!!!! Lots and lots of testosterone in this book!! More Alpha males than a cheer-leading squad would know what to do with! 

Great read, it started off real strong, great speed, good tension buildup, excellent suspense. Then halfway through the book, the focus changed a bit, from suspense to romance. Not that there wasn't any romance in the early part, or any suspense in the latter, just that the tone changed about the time Axel and Izzy got their wires uncrossed. Mind you, the heat cranked up pretty high about that time too!!! It was a bit of an adjustment for me as a reader, to go from gruff and anger and name calling, to sweet, gentle, 'Pookie'....kinda stuff. I don't mind either, but it was a quick switch.

Overall I had a blast reading this book, I will most definitely read any following Corps Security novels, because those guys are sizzling!! 

A solid mass of huggable testosterone loaded 'tale'!!

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