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DARK WATERS by Toni Anderson

DARK WATERS by Toni Anderson
Published: August 6, 2013, Montlake Romance

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The last thing Anna Silver expected was a panicked telephone message from her ex-convict father, stating something about having taken money....again.....and running for his life. He also says she is not safe and has to look up his ex-cellmate, Brent Carver, the only other person he trusts in this world. She gets the message just as the police, who have come to notify her of her father's deadly 'accident', leave. Scared witless and not particularly trusting of anyone, including her mother and stepfather, Anna immediately grabs the bare essentials and takes off for Vancouver Island, where she hopes to find the man who became her father's best friend in jail.

When an unexpected visitor surprises Brent Carver in the middle of the night, the last person he expected to see was the daughter of the man who had become like a father to him over the years. He is shocked to find out his friend is dead and although he avoids social interaction at all cost, he can tell Anna is in trouble and he owes it to her father to help and protect her at all cost. He calls in the help of the few contacts he has, to try and find out what is going on.

It becomes clear that someone is after money that they think her father left Anna information to, and are killing people to get to her. When Brent's house is no longer safe, and they are forced to find safety elsewhere in close quarters, a slow smouldering attraction sparks into a full fire between them. But the past for both Anna and Brent holds a lot of dark shadows and when a desperate call from a family member comes in, Anna has no choice but to leave Brent and run to their side.

​Brent struggles to stay on the legal side of the law, to avoid ending up back in jail, however righteous he might be. But when Anna's life is in danger, he ignores every warning and all sense of self-preservation and does all he needs to do to save the woman he has come to love.


Loved it. Absolutely, unequivocally loved it!!! Superb blend of suspense and romance with just the right touch of heat!

This was my first book by Toni Anderson, and I cannot believe I haven't read any of her work before. It is right up my alley and I guarantee you, this will NOT be the last book I read by her! 
Her characters are nicely fleshed out, with enough history to give us a good idea of what makes them tick, but without going into endless recounts of historic facts no longer pertinent to the current storyline. She gives us sufficient insight in the workings of each of their individual minds, but avoids the entire book becoming inner dialogue, which can become very tiring. The balance is captured very well.

Ms. Anderson can spin a very good suspense, all ends neatly tied and well thought out. It felt like the plot was properly planned and schemed. Very clever.

Also quite the ability to write a steamy sex scene, without being crassly explicit, it is sufficiently descriptive, obviously not shy and Ms. Anderson doesn't feel the need to hide behind endless floral descriptions, for which I am personally extremely grateful!!! Tell it like it is!!!

I read the book cover to cover and I seriously wish I had all of her books now.....

I highly recommend DARK WATERS and will post 5 stars with complete conviction!!

**ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Montlake Romance in return for an honest review.**

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