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Published: July 22, 2013, Ava Moore

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Tricia Parker had a serious case of writer's block and it was no wonder, she was a sex columnist for a celebrity gossip magazine and hadn't been close enough to a man in so long, she had a hard time even imagining sex anymore. It didn't help that her nightmare of a boss never let up on the pressure and now she was facing a 9:00 am deadline on a weekend! Good thing her girls were coming to the Big Apple tonight for a night on the town.

When a typical bad boy hunk sits down in the booth across from Trisha and her friends in the club, with his Barbie posse of two, and proceeds to paw one of his blond sidekicks, Trisha can hardly believe what she is looking at. But when his eyes meet hers, his hands still busy on the girl sitting next to him at the table, she is locked in to his gaze and can't turn away. Her body is responding in a way she has become almost unfamiliar with. 

Ashton Croft is an actor who has moved from the stage to the screen a little older than most and the pressure is high to keep his instant fame fresh. He does what he is told, not often what he wants, but when he first connects with Trish in that club, he knows he wants to see her again. 

The public demands on Ashton get in the way and things aren't much easier on Trish. When her boss finds out a connection was made between Trish and the hot film actor, the bitch attempts to exploit what they have together, to bolster her magazine sales. In the meantime Trish struggles to keep her job, her strength and her sanity, but she can't keep her hopes up, she has been mistreated too many times, and can't go there again. She is so confused.

If only Ashton would explain some things.....


I needed some serious re-hydration reading this book!! I laughed, cried, almost wet my pants, had a hot flash or two. I read the whole thing in one sitting and was sad when I was done......a little peeved actually, I wanted more!!!

For a debut novel, this one packs quite a punch!! Ava Moore has serious skills at work!! There are some sections where I was laughing so hard, I scared my dog. She writes about writing a sex column and describes some of the topics she features......and the things has Trish discuss, are things every person who has ever read an erotic book has on occasion thought about. The beauty of Ms. Moore is that she comes up with this fantastically funny character, through whom she can freely broach all kinds of subjects, since her character has hardly any filtering between her brain and her mouth!! I adore Trish.......I want her to be my next door neighbour!!
The sexual tension is fabulous, even without 'consumption', the heat was palpable from the first eye-lock on and leaves you hungry..... 

The story is not done, however, and leaves me with a need to see more. I hope we don't have to wait too long for the next chapter by this obviously very talented new author!

An amazingly clever, witty, bold and provocative love story on the shadow side of fame.

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