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RAZING KAYNE (Walking A Thin Blue Line) by Julieanne Reeves

RAZING KAYNE (Walking A Thin Blue Line) by Julieanne Reeves
(U.S. link: Razing Kayne )
Published: November 2012, Hellsgate Publishing

State Trooper Kayne Dobrescu is still in a state of agony and confusion after two years, when he found his wife committing suicide over their children's dead bodies. He has nothing left but unanswered questions, unresolved regrets and guilt that haunts him, causing him to question what he could have done to save them.

Two years after the death of her husband in the line of duty as a firefighter at an accident scene, Jessica Hallstatt appears to have settled back into life as a now single mother of four young children. With the insurance settlement from her husband's death, she was able to build a large house, part of which serves as her business, an event centre. But although Jessica's
husband may have died a hero, and she looks to have found her feet again, he left Jessica with deep emotional scars that haven't even begun to heal.

After initially being a suspect in the deaths of his family, and needing to create distance from the constant reminders, Kayne accepted a transfer to the mountain town of Payson, Arizona. The last thing he ever expected was to meet the feisty, beautiful mother of four, when he pulled her over for speeding. He is immediately drawn to Jessica's open smile and that cute dimple that shows up, every time she does. Kayne realizes that a mother with children is more than likely a long term commitment, something he no longer has the ability to consider. He has already given all of himself once....and lost, he wont do it again. 

But it seems that certain things cannot always be avoided, when fate gets her way. Especially when it turns out that fate may have had her hand in Kay and Jessica's life before they ever set eyes on each other. 
When chemistry is off the charts and both of them are suddenly dealing with threats and unknown danger, inevitably, Kayne and Jessica are thrown together to protect the life of a child and ultimately........rescue each other.


Absolutely spellbinding!!!!! Masterful story telling by Julieanne Reeves.

Kayne is a man who values family over anything else, and having lost his in such a tragic way, makes him not only feel grief in the deepest sense, but also the most profound failure. And it is the sense of failure that inhibits his processing of grief. Not just failing his children in protecting them, but failing his wife in recognizing and meeting her needs, which is what holds him back from committing again. Not just the fear that he might be betrayed or hurt, but the fear that he might 'fail' again.

Jessica is a strong and nurturing soul, finding it much easier to advocate and care for others than to advocate or care for herself. She has a very loyal and strong social identity, but very few (if any) see the entire package. She holds painful memories as secrets, and yet allows them to colour her perceptions, mainly of herself. Her one sure strength, that nothing can shake, is her love and ability to be a good mother, that is the essence of Jessica.

There is very little I can say to do this book justice. One of the most gripping stories I have read. So much is told in this story, I am surprised it isn't 2000 pages long, instead of the 300 or so, and yet nothing seemed rushed, or left out. 
The story is so much more than a romance.....although it certainly is that. It is a white-knuckle thriller, a scorching hot suspense novel, an action mystery and so much more. 
One thing this book definitely is a MUST READ!!!
I badly wanted to read more by this writer right away, only to find she has two other books 'cooking', but not yet released. But be assured......I will be on the lookout!!!

A twisted, intense, unexpected and passionate tale of mystery!

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