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PLAY ME by Diane Alberts

PLAY ME (Take a Chance) by Diane Alberts
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Advanced Reading Copy
To Be Published: July 29, 2013, Entangled Publishing

When single mom, Kiersten Worth caught her fiancée banging his secretary a year ago, she decided right there and then, that love and relationships were just not her thing. The hurt and the anger from giving your love and trust and having it thrown back in your face, is just not worth the risk. To mark the one year anniversary of what should have been the happiest day of her life, she is planning to let loose with some no holds barred sex. A one night event with no consequences or strings. And she knows just the guy to let loose with!!!

Garrett Kelly has known the Worth family since they were all in high school. Mike and he are best buds and coach the basketball team together, and Kiersten's son Chris is one of their top players. Garrett and Kiersten have also remained good friends over the years, although Garrett has carried a silent torch for Kiersten for many years now. 

When Kiersten comes on to Garrett one night, he can barely believe his luck and although he asks her if she is sure, he doesn't need much convincing for the hot night she has in mind. When he finds out he was only used for a one-night release, and nothing more, he is pretty disappointed and has a hard time turning back the clock to 'just friends'. So he takes a step back from Kiersten altogether.

When after three months of friendly nods and shy hellos, Kiersten suddenly shows up at his house to announce they are pregnant, he quickly gets over the initial shock and finds himself immediately wanting to 'man up' to the task of fatherhood. He makes the  rather unusual suggestion to live and raise the baby, and Kiersten's son Chris, together as a family, but not as a couple. 

Kiersten initially objects, but when she sees how sincere Garrett is in wanting to be involved in his child's life and after having worked out some of the logistics, she gives in. Now if only she could let go of the fear of giving her heart again.


A lovely story of friendship turned to love, a lesson in how to handle responsibilities and a relationship that packs some heat!!!

I loved the characters in the story, although I have to say I had a hard time understanding some of Kiersten's logic. Garret is her good friend, they already have a trust-based relationship, he already is in her son's life as a coach, as the friend of his mother......the move from there would not be a big one. I do like that she is cautious though, she should be, with a child in her care.

Garrett makes very mature moves, he seems very aware of his needs and those of people around him. He doesn't short sell himself and insists he either gets all of Kiersten or he wants nothing at all, he won't settle, and he won't let her settle for the sake of others either. I love that. He deals with the 'now' and trusts he will be able to deal with the 'later' as it comes, and that's a healthy attitude.

terrific, well-written, mellow and seductive story of familiarity turned to love.

**ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Entangled Publishing in return for an honest review.**

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