Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SOME LIKE IT HOT by Susan Andersen

SOME LIKE IT HOT by Susan Andersen
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Advanced Reading Copy
To Be Published: July 30, 2013, Harlequin HQN

Growing up, there was nothing Harper Summerville loved better than travelling with her father. Something she continued doing even after he passed away. But now her job had landed her in Razor Bay, Washington, and she had to admit, the place had just about everything you could want in beautiful surroundings. Water, trees, mountains and the delectable body of a certain deputy sheriff she wouldn't mind getting a closer look at. 

Despite his more than miserable childhood, Max Bradshaw was always determined to come back to Razor Bay and make his life there. He was working for the sheriff's office now and started shedding some of the old shadows that haunted him for years. And since the arrival of that gorgeous Harper at the resort, he even finds himself cracking a smile very now and then. But he believes she is well out of his league, and seems to be reduced to mere grunting whenever he is around her.

Max really intrigues Harper, he appears to be a bit of an uncaring tough guy, until she sees him in action with a group of troubled teenage boys. He is totally in his element and his demeanour seems to change. Once she has her sights set on Max, he has little chance of resisting her. Harper is not shy, she goes after what she wants and is not afraid to make that clear.

What Harper doesn't tell Max, is what her real reason is for coming to Razor Bay. Max feels she is holding something back but can't put his finger on it and when Harper's time in Razor Bay threatens to come to an end, it is time to face some feelings, some truths, some consequences and some possibilities for a future....


I want a Max for myself!!! I have a thing for strong silent types, and Max fits the bill exactly! Plus, he has the perfect name.

But seriously, what a great read that was!! I've always enjoyed Susan Andersen's books, but there was something about the combination of the location and the GUY that got me this time. And I have to admit, I always enjoy it when the heroine isn't a tall slim (ok fine, she was that) blond, blue eyed beauty.   I like 'otherness' in either hero or heroine, because 'we' (the readers) like to be able to identify with them.......and Lord knows, we ain't all Barbie!!

The troubled teenage boys were a great highlight in this book. The way they were portrayed and handled respectfully was heartwarming, it did me good. 

Harper was NOT a shrinking violet....good on her!!! I absolutely adored that about her. She didn't take any crap, wasn't  intimidated, knew how to handle herself in tough situations, was open to trying new stuff and went after what she wanted. Atta girl!!!

Max, if anything, was the more reticent of the two, but boy oh boy, once that man lets loose the passion, grab onto something and hang on for dear life!!! He may not say much, but he sure feels deep and hard...... My kinda guy!

A feisty and fun book!!

**ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Harlequin HQN in return for an honest review.**