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ESCAPING REALITY (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen #1) by Lisa Renee Jones

ESCAPING REALITY (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen)
by Lisa Renee Jones
(U.S. link:Escaping Reality )
Advanced Reading Copy
To Be Released: July 22, 2013

Amy thought she was safe, but she should have know better than to start getting too comfortable. Only twenty-four, she had been on the run for six years already, and now it looks like she has to run again, start all over somewhere else. All she has is a key to an airport locker, an anonymous warning and the clothes on her back. 

Amy is instructed to Denver and after being double booked on the plane, she is upgraded to sit beside a dark and intensely observant man, who seems to see right through her but makes her feel safe nonetheless. Liam Stone is a brilliant and famous architect who has business in Denver and has obviously set his sights on Amy. 

Still quite unsettled after being so suddenly uprooted, Amy has little to no resistance to Liam's forceful invasion of her privacy. She knows she should not forge any relationships and should stay hidden away from the world, but Liam is not willing to break the connection. Even though he is aware she has secrets, he doesn't push for answers, but he does expect her complete trust when it comes to a passionate affair. Amy feels a sense of relief to have one area of her life, where she can relinquish control completely. 

The ground is shifting under Amy's feet constantly...........too many things don't make sense, and are not what they seem. The one thing in her life that is real right now, is her affair with Liam............or is it????


Noooooooo!!!! Another cliffhanger!!! But sooooo promising, so I'll be a good little girl, sit back, and wait for the conclusion; INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, to come out.

The build up was fabulous. Even though we still don't really have a clue what precipitated the need for all the subterfuge, it became an almost non-issue, because I got so tangled up in the 'here and now' of the story, I almost forgot there was a bigger plot. Amazing how Ms. Jones is able to make her characters' chemistry so hypnotic, it is completely distracting from everything else!!
But there are no resolutions in this book, in fact, the questions only seem to pile up!!
Having said that........with an ending such as this........the peak of my interest in what went before, has awakened!!

Just as an observation, I find it interesting how again a woman who is used to (or forced to) keeping tight control of her life, finds so much relief in relinquishing that same control when it comes to a sexual relationship with a strong man. Even, as in this case, when the control is predominantly fear driven. Fascinating.........these kinds of 'inner workings' are what keep me thinking and mulling after I finish a book.

One other note to make, this book is listed as New Adult, which is something I do not quite understand. Other than that the heroine is perhaps on the young side, this does not appear to be a typical NA story.

It seems there are several loose ends and secondary characters without designation, but I have a feeling that all that appears haphazard now, will be tidily connected together in the next and final book;

I think I would have preferred one book, to two instalments, I am not sure the story is suited to be broken up. But, I don't want that to take away from the story itself, and do it a disservice. The potential is too fantastic!

And holding on to the promise of complete satisfaction with the release of the final book, I will give two thumbs up!

**ARC courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher in return for an honest review.**

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