Monday, July 8, 2013

RECLAIM MY HEART by Donna Fasano

RECLAIM MY HEART by Donna Fasano
Published: May 2013, Hard Knocks Books

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Tyne Whitlock is a single mom who runs a business with partners, she has always made a real effort at juggling parenthood and work. Up until recently, everything was running smoothly, but then her 15-year old son, Zach, was picked up by police for vandalism, and was facing some potentially serious consequences. Tyne has no choice, she has to call in help from someone she hasn't seen or spoken to in 16 years, Lucas Silver Hawk, hotshot attorney .........and Zach's father.

To say Lucas was surprised to see Tyne in his office first thing Monday morning, would be an understatement, but to hear that he was the father of a teenage boy completely stunned him. He pushes any recriminations and questions to the back, while he deals with the immediate issue of his son's predicament. On Lucas' suggestion, the judge grants an order, sending Zachary to return with his father to Wikweko, where Lucas was raised among his Native American community, for one month.

Tyne left neighbouring Oak Mills, and her parents, 16 years ago under difficult circumstances. They had disapproved of her relationship with Lucas and had not been supportive of her choices regarding her pregnancy. She does not like the idea of Zach returning to that area, but she has no choice. She decides to arrange time off and come along.

While in Wikweko, Zach has an opportunity to meet and spend time with Lucas' uncle Jasper, who takes the boy under his wing and teaches him of his heritage and of the value of honour and responsibility. Lucas and Tyne unravel some of the confusion and misconception that exists between them, they work to answer some old and new questions and revisit some familiar places.........and feelings. Only to find some things never changed at all.


A wonderful, multi-layered read!

Great storyline.....on the surface a familiar theme, but with certain twists to give it that much more depth and human interest. And of course, very well written. 
I loved the coming-of-age story of Zach, although I feel there could have been a bit more exploration. But the combination of the angry young boy and the stoic older native man works very well.
Lucas was also an interesting character study, he had chased after the material aspects of life, measuring success in tangibles instead of quality of person and in the process had forgotten his family, his heritage, his pride, and his sense of self.
Tyne had been bolstering herself against her insecurity over her choices for 16 years, to have those brittle shells crumbling down suddenly and she has to learn to feel and deal with the depth of her emotions.
And of course....this is a book of second chances......for everyone.