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THE EDGE OF NEVER by J. A. Redmerski

THE EDGE OF NEVER: The Edge of Never Series, Book 1 by J. A. Redmerski
(U.S. link: The Edge of Never )
Published:  March, 2013, Forever

The last year has been one knock down after another, and twenty year-old Camryn Bennett has all but gone numb. She can't even seem to cry anymore. When her best friend Nat drags her out to a club one night, she finds herself in a situation that brings about the last straw. The very next day, Camryn packs a few clothes, grabs her purse and hops on a Greyhound to wherever, as long as it is away from home. 

She doesn't really have any plan, other than to head to Idaho, which is the first thing she could think of when buying a ticket. Somewhere along the way a young guy gets on the bus and sits behind her. 
At first she is pretty much just annoyed with him and his loud music, but he is only nice to her and eventually she finds out his name is Andrew Parrish and he is on his way to visit his sick father.

Andrew appears to be the opposite of Camryn, where she is usually neat and organized and likes everything planned and scheduled, Andrew likes living off the cuff. He challenges Camryn to abandon the beaten path and just go wherever the wind takes them. It takes a lot for Camryn to slowly let go of all the tightly held control and start living outside of the box.

More and more Camryn feels herself drawn to Andrew and at times he shows interest too, but there is something holding him back. Travelling together, the constant close proximity and the intimate discussions they have, eventually wear down any resistance that may have existed. Andrew becomes the catalyst for Camryn to explore the deeper edges of her passion and open herself up completely emotionally.  Never has she felt more connected to anyone in her life, but she still feels a shadow over Andrew, something he is withholding from her.....


I loved this book....Truly loved it! It wasn't explosive in any way, just very beautiful.

Andrew's reticence had been bugging me from the start, but I honestly had no idea it was going in this direction. Although looking back with the answers, I can see where I might have picked up a clue or two.
About three quarters of the way in to the story, I finally started clueing in to what bug had been up Andrew's ass this whole time, and let me tell sat like a big rock in the bottom of my stomach. I almost rather it had been anything else.

I like these characters......a lot. 
I love that Camryn goes on a solo trip to 'cleanse' herself, so to speak.....a journey of self-discovery. And it turns out to be exactly that, except not solo. She has a strong moral compass, which I totally appreciate, and you see that in the way she handles the issue with Nat and also with Andrew and his family.
I completely adore Andrew's irreverent nature, his 'living in the moment' philosophy.  I wish we could all adapt to such a way of being, it would be so much healthier for body and mind. His enjoyment is contagious beyond the pages of the book.
Their chemistry is undeniable and their loves scenes mighty hot!

The one discord in the book for me, was Chapter 40. Don't get me wrong... I needed an Epilogue of sorts with good news, but I felt that after the gentle exploration and development of this friendship/relationship, the speed, abruptness and fairy tale feel of the last chapter felt a bit hurried.

Having said that...... This book will be one I whole-heartedly will recommend. It is fabulously written with class and insight, loads of feeling and wisdom and I am ready to read the next one!!!

**ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing/Forever in return for an honest review.**

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