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CLAIMED: Club Sin by Stacey Kennedy

CLAIMED: Club Sin by Stacey Kennedy
Published: August 5th 2013, Loveswept

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Presley has always been a fairly straight-laced girl. Comes from a regular family, works in a dental clinic and dated one guy for eight years. The same guy who asked her to move to Vegas with him, proposed marriage to her and when she accepted, proceeded to confess that he had cheated on her. Needless to say, she threw back the engagement, the ring and moved in with a friend. Presley is ready to spread her wings a little and Cora, her roommate, suggests she join her at Club Sin, given Presley's preoccupation with a certain type of novels.

When Cora asked Dmitri to meet with her friend Presley, he didn't expect the lovely woman to have such a natural submissive response. As owner of Club Sin and one of its Masters, he is trained to be observant when it comes to submissives. He does not usually get involved with the training of newbies, however, but Presley he decides to take on himself. She has something special and she seems to instinctually trust him.

Despite her trust and comfort level with him, Dmitri takes Presley's introduction into the scene slowly, allowing her to figure out where her parameters might lie without having her submit to anything....yet. She finds that whenever he is around her, she feels safe in the dungeon, and so the trust builds. He enjoys her unfettered responses, the way her body reacts to scenes around her is so telling. Presley starts coming out of her shell more and learns that giving over control to Dmitri, does not necessarily mean she has no control at all. 

Even though Dmitri has not had a relationship in many years, he finds himself wanting something more than playtime with Presley and asks for time with her outside of the club. He is crossing boundaries he himself has set to prevent emotional entanglements, but when someone crosses your path, who will accept you at face value, not try to make you I to something you are not, and seems to blossom being in your arms.....can you turn your back?


YUMMMMMM!!! Ok, I'll try to be serious for a bit.....a great start to a new series, that I will SURELY be following from book to book!! Not in the least, because of the HEAT factor......

Seriously delicious Dmitri (fantastic name, BTW), an Alpha chameleon, who can change from corporate duds to leathers, to tats and jeans and Tshirt..... And slightly too complacent (for my taste) Presley, all. real. woman, a gentle pleaser, a closet submissive with a hidden spine! Dmitri walks Presley through her first steps into Domination/submission....and if yo,u as a reader, are a novice to this lifestyle concept...you might be somewhat enlightened as well!!

The context for the characters might have been a little deeper, wider, broader.....but I think, that since this is the first of a series, we will see the entire cast of Club Sin flesh out nicely over time.....and I am looking forward to that!!!

Two big thumbs up!!!

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