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“Storm,” I greet her in my huskiest voice. 
She’s the only one who hasn’t dropped at my damn feet when I use that tone. Drives me fucking crazy.
“ZZ,” she greets back jutting out her lip and blowing her bangs outta her eyes. Shit that’s sexy, and my balls tighten even more.
I lean against the end of the bar, crossing my legs and arms. Her fingers tighten on the clipboard in her hands. 

Yeah sugar, keep on telling me no. It’s not gonna last much longer.
“Zig Zag, I’m busy. Can we do this another time?”
“That depends. Are you gonna tell me no again?” I grin at her.
“You have an entire flock of pussy lambs and yet, you want mine. I’m not looking to be fucked just once, ZZ,” she says leaning towards me, her pink lips coming just a foot away from mine. 

“Because I’ve been fucked one too many times just once, and the next time a man enters my pussy, it’ll be for more than just one fucking time.”
I groan and my already blue balls tighten even more when she uses the words pussy and fucking. Dammit, I want her.
“How about if I promise at least two rounds.” I say seriously, because fuck, I am serious. I’ll come and then get hard again and repeat the process. I’ve went nine rounds in one night before I can do it again.
Storm places the clipboard down on the bar. She presses her little body into mine as she leans into my ear. 

“I don’t doubt you could go for round after round sexy. Let me put it in words that a biker can understand. I’m not looking for a one-night stand. The next man to make me come will have that honor because he wants more than just my pussy. You get what I’m saying to you handsome?” 
She flicks her tongue down my earlobe causing me to growl.
She drives me fucking crazy!

WITHSTANDING ME by Crystal Spears
Advanced Reading Copy
Published: September 2, 2013, Crystal D. Spears Books

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐

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Withstanding Me is the second book in the Breakneck Series and although each book has an individual focus, the general red thread is the ongoing life within the world of the MC Breakneck. It is almost impossible to read these books as stand alone novels and I would highly recommend reading them in order. The firsts book to read would be Seize Me.


After a few months of unrest, mayhem and some significant losses, it was quiet for a little while in the Breakneck compound, but in this life that never lasts long. The new club has been opened and Storm, one of the rescued girls from a rival's 'stable' is now managing the place, while Braxxon and Winter are making other big plans for the future of the MC.

ZZ grew up in the compound, he knows no other life than that of a biker. At thirteen he found out he was a father when and older girl ended up dropping his daughter off at the clubhouse. Tatiana has been his ever since. Now eighteen herself, she is out of control, making his life a living hell. She has her eye on new member Shadow who is trying hard to keep his distance, not wanting to piss off his brother. Rival MC president Travis has taken a shine to Tatiana and that has her Breakneck family bedding over backwards to keep her safe. All the more reason for contrary Tatiana to drive especially her father nuts by slipping out from under her protection, ever chance she gets, and running into trouble.

Storm, only a handful of years older than Tatiana, tries to help ZZ out as much as she can. She has been in love with him since the night she was rescued, but the man doesn't do love, just sex. Or so he says.....but she's not buying it, and she's not giving anything away for free either. Not anymore!  ZZ will have to make do with her being a friend only......that is until he wants more from her than a quick toss in the sack.


Crystal resides in Indiana with her family, her dog Dozer and two fancy rats. She enjoys the outdoors and in the summer you will rarely catch her at home. Her other passions aside from writing are dancing and photography. She is a retired blogger and professional book reviewer. 
She is the Bestselling Author of SEIZE ME. WITHSTANDING ME was the second novel in her “Breakneck Series”. 





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