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Published: September 24th, 2013, Ballantine Books

My rating: 5 of 5

For many years three sisters had lived with the burden that their father had murdered their mother, after which he committed suicide. They were only ten years old. Then five months ago, they discovered that what they had believed to be true all these years was wrong. Their parents were in fact murdered and no proper investigation was ever done.....

Samantha, one of the Wilde triplets, had returned home to Midnight five months ago, quitting her job on the force. At the time the man she was seeing had been accused of murdering his ex-wife, and even though Samantha had been able to prove he was not responsible, there was no way she was able to undo her initial uncertainty regarding his guilt or innocence. So after a painful confrontation, she left to return home, heartbroken. Now she is a shadow of her former self, but determined to get back on her feet, especially with the new private investigation business she and her sisters have started up, signing on their first client.

Nothing could have surprised Quinn Braddock more, than finding out after five months that the person responsible for getting him off the book for the murder of his ex was in fact Samantha. He has nursed his bitterness over the past months, believing that she hadn't trusted in him. The real killer has not been caught, and apparently having been absolved of any responsibility doesn't stop the rumours from flying. His work as a physician at the hospital is under a lot of scrutiny and his position on staff questioned. So he decides to take some vacation time and visit Midnight.

Samantha cannot believe Quinn is standing outside her house in Midnight apologizing and wanting to talk, just as she has resolved to move on. So she sends him away, or at least tries to, but he seems determined to talk to her and is not willing to give up. Samantha realizes she is not willing to let go quite yet either. But when another woman is murdered in exactly the same way as Quinn's ex, except this time in Midnight, all suspicion falls back on Quinn. All except Samantha's.

Determined not to fail her man twice, Samantha is unwavering in her support of Quinn, and she will do anything to prove his innocence. Even face off with a killer........


OMG!!!!! Fantastic knockout page-turner!!

Seriously crushing on Quinn, dolt that he is. He is also a very determined man once he has his sights set. And his focus is clear, although his technique and his follow through could use some finessing. But in the end he gets the job done, and that's what counts, although he left a few too many holes to screw up.......just like a guy! I love that he seems such an unassuming man at first, a doctor, not someone you'd necessarily peg as badass, but boy, is he ever a badass, even though that part of him doesn't really show up until further along in the book. His hang ups about long term commitments are understandable given his family history and I can't really fault him for feeling that way, but wouldn't life be so much easier if those considerations were explained once in a while, instead of guarding them like state secrets??? 

Samantha is such a tough marshmallow. She can hold her own with ease and won't be pushed around or knocked over without doing some serious damage herself, physically she is hard as nails. Even mentally, when the job requires it, but emotionally, when it comes to things close to her heart, she becomes a puddle. Her sister's, her family, her community and Quinn, those are all 'weak' spots for her. Growing up thinking that the father you spent the first ten years of your life adoring, suddenly turned on your mother, murdered her and then committed suicide, messes with your head. It causes you to question your judgement when it comes to the people you love. Which is exactly what happened when Quinn was accused of murdering his ex, a momentary flash of Samantha's insecurity. It didn't last long, but long enough to damage if not destroy any trust between them. 

Absolutely loved the character development in the book. Both main characters seem to be quite established at the onset, but looks are deceiving as becomes clear quickly. During the course of the book, the many protective layers start peeling off, and the more 'naked' the personalities become, the more true their interactions are. Outlooks change as people evolve and emerge and suddenly the possibilities are endless, when there were none before.  

And all this goes on in rhythm with the most kick-ass, roller coaster suspense and some of the yummiest sex I've read in combination!!!  A hella good book!!!!! Ella Grace, you've got a fan!

✨A sharp, steamy, fierce and phenomenal read!✨

**ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Ballantine Books in return for an honest review.**

This book is the second in the Wildfire series, each an individual story, devoted to one of the sisters, loosely connected by a cast and a set of circumstances that brought them all together. First in line was Savannah's story, MIDNIGHT SECRETS, and the collection point for all of the pivotal characters in the series. In the third book it will be Sabrina's turn.

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