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UNATTAINABLE by Madeline Sheehan

UNATTAINABLE by Madeline Sheehan
(Undeniable: Book 3)
Published: September 20, 2013, Madeline Sheehan

My rating: 4.5 of 5

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Tegen hated coming back to the club. Only reason she came back was for her mom, Dorothy Kelley, property of the Hell's Horsemen. Or club whore, whichever you prefer. She loved her mom, but was never going to end up like her. Never. 

When she was little, growing up in the club compound, she was always sweet and compliant, never gave anyone much trouble. Then she met Cage West, son of the president of the club. He was older and she instantly had a crush on him. He was beautiful. She was not. But he was always kind and affectionate with her. Until one night, in her teens. She was in love and he was drunk.......and cruel.

That broke her. First chance, she took off to college. Changed herself, inked her body, changed her hair, grew herself up in a hurry and formed a hard shell. The next years she made some friends and nurtured her hate and anger. 

When her mom got shot, and she had to go back from time to time, she made sure everyone could see her anger. For her mom, and for herself. And each time she would bump into Cage, the pain would rip a new hole in her heart. She may nurture her anger, but she never got over him. Manwhore that he is!

Cage doesnt know what the fuck is up with Tegen. Every time he sees her, which is rarely, she pisses him right off!! They used to be friends, long time ago. She turns him on something fierce though..... look at all that ink and that fire. He'd love to know what her problem is. No one makes him crazy like she does!


This story is earthy, explicit, crass, but so damn good!!! Don't be expecting flowers, rainbows and bunny rabbits, because unless those flowers are on top a cannabis plant and the rabbits are being skinned and roasted, you won't find em here!

Tegen has internalized and focused all of the wrongs ever done her, on the Hell's Horsemen and Cage.  She is so wrapped up in her anger, she isn't moving past it, she's stuck. An angerball. Actually, I should say a seeping wound, because really, that is what she does, she picks at the injury inflicted by Cage and allows it to infect until it festers and festers. And then she engages in self-destructive behavior, allows pain to be inflicted on her as a way of forgetting?? I'm not quite sure, I don't think she is either, perhaps it's just feeling something OTHER than the darkness she carries around. 

Cage is living up to expectations...... or should I say down??? Growing up being told you are a good for nothing, piece of shit, doesn't really do much for the self-esteem. What was left? Well, the good looks for one. Girls go nuts over gorgeous Cage, so that's what he does.......chicks, and lots of them. From an early age on and without any regard for any of them he learns fast, to use women like toilet paper. Use and toss. Doesn't matter that he still feels like a piece of shit. He can let his father's insults slide down his back now..........almost. Doesn't matter, it is what it is.

Tegen and Cage together is like a spark to fireworks. Away from each other they are complacent in their individual misery, not doing very much to make a change. But throw them together and they can't help but fight to see the other, the 'real' person hidden inside. Daring each other to drop the bitching, the whoring and be real, be themselves. That is, if they still know how. They also are each other's threat therefore...... possible exposure of weakness. Can't have that, because someone might exploit that. In the end it comes down to a choice, live up to other's expectations of you, or carve your own damn path together.

Madeline Sheehan makes these people, these crass and coarse and hardass people, such intricate emotional individuals. And she does it using words that are everyday words, well.......on the docks, but still, no descriptive, flowery stuff. Still she gets the point across, still she gets the picture painted clearly! I can name only a few that have that ability. 

This book is not for the weak of heart, or those easily offended. You have to be able to read with a wide open mind and encompass the whole of the story, not focus on details that might be offensive to you, it defeats the point. 

✨A tumultuous and graphic story of raw love.✨

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