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My rating: 3 of 5 ⭐

Elizabeth DeVille comes from a messed up nest. Dad pretty much absent and remarried and mom in and out of rehab. When one of her two best friends is severely injured and his rehabilitation requires big bucks, Elizabeth decides to sell her V-card, she has been guarding in the misguided hope to one day offer it to her crush, playboy Hunter West.

Hunter, a pretty big disaster himself, is a pro-poker player with a well-know family background, but one with a lot of rattling skeletons in the closet. Hunter does not make many personal connections, in fact, he is a tad on the self destructive side, one could say. He plays too close to the edge one to many times, and gets caught up in the claws of one nasty piece of work by the name of Priscilla. Let's call her the kiss of death.

Hunter and Elizabeth, aka Libby, aka Scarlett..... bump (and grind) into each other...... a few times. Makes Libby happy, Hunter confused, Priscilla furious. Priscilla has nefarious plans for Hunter, Hunter doesn't know what to do with Libby, and Libby wants Hunter but can't quite place Priscilla!!! A complex web of intrigue, abuse, doe-eyes, murder, and kinky fuckery ensues, which was highly entertaining, albeit fantastical.


I won't lie, I enjoyed reading the book. However, I wasn't engaged by the characters, or emotionally involved, or moved particularly in any way. I was entertained......and that is ok.

To me, the characters were too un-life like.......perhaps too two dimensional, or just too fantastical, I'm not sure. I couldn't really recognize them on any level. Merely from a visual standpoint it felt a little like watching the movie MOULIN ROUGE...... remember that one?? With Nicole Kidman? That is how this book played in my head as I was reading it.

It sure had everything......drama, suspense, mystery, sex, romance..... which is what made it entertaining. I was never really bored.

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