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TAKE TWO: A Hollywood Romance by Tracy Cramer-Kelly

TAKE TWO: A Hollywood Romance 
by Tracy Cramer-Kelly
(The Lady Biker Series: Book 1)
Advanced Reading Copy
Published: August 22, 2013, Tracy Cramer-Kelly

My rating: 4 of 5

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Zac Davies really doesn't want to screw up this opportunity, this movie is supposed to be his big break, and passing out in the middle of shooting a scene was definitely not part of the plan. Of course he would never have guessed that anyone would want to poison him, he could have been killed, but instead he is going to be out of commission for weeks. He's 29-years old, feels about 90 and needs to be looked after like a baby. None of this sits well with him, except perhaps the fact that his incredibly hot 41-year old Director offered to take him in.

Honestly, Gina Devereaux has no clue what she was thinking, suggesting Zac come back home with her to recover. For crying out loud, she has two teenage daughters at home. But he really has nowhere else to go, needs looking after and she lives remote enough that the press won't be able to find them. Besides, he's really a good guy, although she has to remind herself that he is too young for her to be interested in and more importantly, he is an actor, and she should know from experience how she does with them. Not something to be repeated!

Away from the hustle and bustle of work, Zac discovers that his 'tough as nails' Director is in fact a warm and generous mother, and, get this, a hot Harley riding biker chick!! Her girls are fun to be around and Zac finds himself really enjoying the stay at Gina's place. Not least of all, Gina herself. The tension between them is building to a point where if something doesn't happen soon, he will spontaneously combust.

There are so many reasons why any involvement with Zac would not be a good thing. Gina is trying to convince herself not to give in to the temptation, but ultimately decides to have just a taste, thinking that might be enough. Letting the cat out of the bag however, we all know how impossible it is to get the damn thing back in. But, the schedule for the film was already tight, Zac is much better, and they have to get back to finish shooting. Better to nip it in the bud, at least for now.

Not an easy task, going from close friendship back to an actor/director relationship. And if that were the only thing, but being back also means that the media is back in full force, trying their best to dig up the biggest and dirtiest stories, true or false. The movie has to be finished, that's a given, but both Zac and Gina need to consider what they want to have as priority in their lives, and some difficult decisions have to be made......


I really, really enjoyed this story. I loved the two different dynamics happening between Zac and Gina. The work related one, and the more laid back, unencumbered one when at home. Both had some underlying aspects of attraction right off the bat, that gave the impression there was more of a connection than the simple parameters of the relationship depicted.

There is a strong nurturing component in Gina, perhaps with everyone, but certainly towards Zac. Both in her role as his director as in taking care of him. But it doesn't end there, it isn't simply 'mothering', although it might seem that way at first, it is the way you express care and concern for someone that means something. 
Zac is to adapt quickly to the quieter country style life with Gina and her girls, and actually thrives in it. Not just physically, but emotionally as well. He sees strong community, family and friendship bonds all around them and starts comparing to his life. Zac seems to mature quickly, while dealing with his health, and his entire outlook changes.
Great character development in this wonderful friends-to-lovers story, with the added benefit of an interesting age difference that makes the book all the more complex and compelling. Gina's daughters added an additional dimension that made the story more relatable. 
✨An interesting cast of characters, some suspense and a complicated romance!✨

**ARC Courtesy of NetGally and the author in return for an honest review.**

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