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DEVOTION (Club Destiny #5) by Nicole Edwards

DEVOTION (Club Destiny #5) 
by Nicole Edwards
Published: June 17, 2013, SL Enterprises

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐

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Life doesn't suddenly become easy when everyone declares their love for each other. When three people commit to a life together, against what might be considered the norm, there are a lot of problems that can come up along the way that can shake even the strongest of connections. 

Luke, Cole and Sierra are well and truly in love with each other, and their collective love is never in doubt. But when their new baby daughter arrives on the scene and the daily stresses at respective jobs start stripping away energy and attention, doubts and insecurities have a way of worming themselves into the relationship. Words of love alone may not be enough to hold them together.

It will take complete trust in and full submission to the unconventional threeway relationship, to make them strong enough to survive. A committment that runs deeper than words alone, a belief that without even one of the three, they have nothing......


A very insightful peek into a complicated menage a trois relationship. 

Wow, it has taken me long enough to get to this novel, I have had my eye on it since it came out. I had read all the other Club Destiny books and was eager to dig into the next one, but something held me back. Perhaps it was the fact that it was not a 'new' story, not a new set of characters that would come into play. I finally succumbed, and boy was I stupid for waiting!!!! The book really is worth it!!

The three main characters, Sierra, Cole and Luke, all have such strong identities. Each bring such different components to the relationship. It is amazing how well we get to know them through the written word. They compliment each other in the most beautiful way. 

Sierra, the one who sees all, who is the glue and the empathetic, she will keep her finger on the pulse of the relationship and will nurture it from within. 
Luke, the enforcer, who will go out and 'gather', make a life for his family, who stands strong always and only ever shows all of himself within the protection of the arms of the other two. 
Cole, the most complicated role of all, he has two, the protector and nurturer, for both Sierra and Luke, the one who will always want to look after their needs; and on the other hand he is the challenger, the only person who can make Luke give up all control, give all of himself and completely open up to the moment. 

Nicole Edwards has an uncanny way of making you squirm in your seat when you read her books. Her writing is so tangible and carnal, it literally has a physical effect on the reader...... well, THIS reader. She doesn't insult us by hopping from one sex scene to another, although there are plenty to enjoy, but weaves a poignant tale that is so moving and intense, all your emotions become engaged. You want to be part of her every way. Ahem.

✨A compelling, insightful and utterly delicious read!!✨

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