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ONE MORE DAY (The Alexanders #1) by M. Malone

ONE MORE DAY (The Alexanders #1) by M. Malone
Advanced Reading Copy
Published: October 23rd, 2012, CrushStar Romance

My rating: 3.5 of 5 ⭐

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After a private investigator Ridley had hired to find her father, was killed, she takes off for her twin sister Raina's place to hide out. Raina, a model, is out of the country on a shoot and Ridley is unable to get into the house, but neighbours mistake her for her sister and offer her a place to stay.

Jackson Alexander, a widower with two little boys, doesn't hesitate to take his neighbour in. It's a long weekend and to get someone out to gain access to the house may be a problem. He is surprised at how taken he is with his neighbour all of a sudden, she never quite had this appeal for him before.

Ridley can feel a strong attraction for Jackson, but it takes her a while before she can trust him enough to feed him little pieces of the truth at a time. Eventually neither of them can fight the strong pull between them and inevitably they burn up the sheets, but there is still not full disclosure. And finally lack of trust, lies and betrayal all converge.....


I really enjoyed this book and think I will enjoy the series. Ms. Malone certainly does romance and erotica well, although the suspense portion can use some finesse. A few loose ends were left.

Early on in the book a locksmith is called......that person never calls back and no one follows up. Also, at some point Ridley talks of her life in Florida and her work with gardening, this while Jackson supposedly still believes she is Raina, the model. Now it is possible she does something on the side, but a normal person would at the very least question her about it.....he doesn't and accepts the two completely opposite personalities as 'normal'. It would have been a bit more believable, had he been a tad more suspicious of her true identity. The fact that she wasn't questioned at all doesn't ring true. 

Other than that, the interaction of the Alexander family, other than the Nick/Jackson issue, is delightful and warm. The depiction of the little boys is great, their little quirks and naughty behaviour recognizable and funny. Jackson as a (very!) young father, caring and laid back, and Ridley has just the right touch with them, intuitive and insightful. Just as she seems to be with everyone she encounters.

✨A sweet, and most definitely hot, easy read from Ms. Malone!!✨

**ARC courtesy of NetGalley and CrushStar Romance in return for an honest review.**

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