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FIRST SURRENDER (The Serafina: The Sin City Series #1) by Katie Reus

(The Serafina: The Sin City series #1)
by Katie Reus
Advanced Reading Copy
Published: September 16, 2013

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

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Hayden is an ex-seal who came to work for The Serafina Casino in security about a year ago. Broody, dangerous, and all Alpha, he comes across big and threatening, but he never scared the casino's pretty young chef much. From the moment they met, she has had no problem calling him out on his dark moods, and in fact seems to lighten them significantly. He has a hard time controlling his attraction for her. 

Sierra has strong feelings for Hayden, but she is not willing to risk the tight friendship they have built over the past year, despite their age difference and the man's surly disposition. Besides, she has convinced herself he doesn't look at her that way, and he wouldn't look at all if he ever found out how inexperienced she really is. No, if they keep hanging out together regularly, she was just going to have to be satisfied with that.

When Sierra is attacked one evening, leaving the Casino upset, Hayden no longer is able to hold back on his feelings and goes into full protective Alpha mode. Sierra is swept off to Hayden's apartment for safekeeping and he is determined not to let her out of his sight. A task he apparently takes quite seriously. Not that you will hear Sierra complaining much, she is finally where she has wanted to be for along time, and by the look of things, she is not the only one burning with passion....


This story is the start of a brand new series that I cannot wait to read, if this book is an indication of what the series will be like!! The book is part of a book bundle WICKED FIRSTS, but can also be purchased individUually.

This is one hot novella, which has some really great suspense packed in as well!! 

I absolutely loved the characters: 
Sierra, a young but very capable and self sufficient, successful chef, who knows the value of a good friendship and despite the fact that she is sexually inexperienced, she is not naive, nor is she passive or afraid of passion.
Hayden is my perfect hero, all grumbly, bossy, protective and sweet. I love that in a guy, have just never met one in real life (😟). He is very confident in abilities when it comes to his work, the physical aspects, but he doesn't quite believe in his own worth when it comes to Sierra.......silly man!!!!

Katie Reus' writing is deliciously thrilling, as I have come to expect. It's one of the reasons why, when a new book of hers comes out, I know for a fact that my craving for both suspense red-hot romance will satisfied!! A new series, like "The Serafina: The Sin City Series", promises a multitude of satisfied cravings!!! 

✨Stimulating, sexy, sensational intro to Sin City✨

**ARC  courtesy of NetGalley and the author in return for an honest review."

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