Friday, September 6, 2013

SLAMMED by Kelly Jamieson

SLAMMED by Kelly Jamieson
(San Amaro Singles #3)
Published: September 3, 2013, Samhain Publishing

My rating: 4 of 5

When she had suggested her employer, Jackson Cole company, sponsor pro surfer, Dylan Schell, Brooke Lowry never expected him to fly off the rails completely. And least of all that she would be sent to Tahiti to break up his current fascination with drinking, drugs and debauchery, and haul his ass back home to try and salvage what was left of his image. The directives from her sleazy boss were clear; get him home, clean him up, or look for another job.

Dylan was getting back on his game after his accident last year. Sure, he had a bit of a rough go for a while there, and his head really hadn't been on straight, made a few bad calls, but now that his body was back on track and he was starting to gain his way up in the standings again, things weren't as bad. All he did now was occasionally blow off some steam......enough volunteers to help him with that!
So when a buttoned-up assistant manager from his biggest sponsor walked in on two lovely girls helping him unwind a little, of course he invited her to join them....

There is no way to deny the man's physical draw, but Brooke sternly reminds herself she is here in a professional capacity as she clearly lays things on the line for Dylan. They are to return to San Amaro the following night to start fixing his public image, or he will lose his largest contract. San Amaro is the last place Dylan wants to go, since his two best friends are planning to get married there and he really wanted to avoid having to watch them walk down the isle and away from him. 

When a huge tropical storm hits the island and shuts down the airport for a few days, Brooke and Dylan are stuck in one hotel room with no phone and no electricity. With the mutual attraction already in place, it doesn't take very long to blast into full-fledged lust and their days are spent in the most creative bed. Once back on US soil, however, Brooke insists on covering herself back up in her professional shell, but not before Dylan finagles a promise from her to accompany him to the dreaded wedding.

With a PR plan firmly in place, Brooke does everything to keep Dylan focused on improving his image, and although reluctantly at first, he does his best to comply, while training for the biggest race of his life. But for both Dylan and Brooke, with pressure from the executives at Jackson Cole, the looming wedding date, a gruelling training schedule and the constant temptation of being in each others company,  something's gotta give........


WOW!!! Never have I gone so fast from disliking a main character to totally adoring him......

Dylan is the quintessential charmer...... He is a bad boy, bad for you and you know it, but you can't stay away from him. He is like whipping cream.......utterly tempting, makes you feel so scrumptious, tastes delicious while you indulge in it, but when it's feel rather bloated and guilty and sad. Except, Dylan is part himself and part persona. He is so used to living the life and playing the role of 'surfer dude', and all that it entails, that even when he starts feeling the need for other fulfillment in his life, he can't really see that for himself......yet. Until Brooke opens his mind to possibilities.

Brooke is a bit of an enigma. She appears to be a straight-laced, by the book kind of girl who doesn't like to veer off the fairly safe marked path in front of her. Yet when you look closer, she clearly knows no judgement when it comes to other people's choices, and is open minded and big-hearted. Underneath her business-like veneer lives a warm blooded, passionate woman with a very tender heart, whose biggest fear is to give that heart and have it broken.

An incongruous couple, at first glance, but they say opposites attract. In this case, they don't take away from each other, they add to the other, or rather.........unlock in the other, certain parts of their personalities that were there but perhaps dormant. Neither Dylan nor Brooke really change their direction significantly, as much as they become enriched by the other. A great subtle character development on display.

The passion the two generate is pretty stimulating and explosive, and as expected the sex scenes are deliciously intense...... true Kelly Jamieson!


Note: Although SLAMMED is the third book in the San Amaro Singles series, each of the books can be read as standalone novels.


  1. Nice review and I so agree about the feelings for Dylan. He's one of those characters that you can't help but love even when you want to slap him upside his head.