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Published: August 26th, 2013, Debra Kayn

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Crystal Rose is surviving. That's how she ended up in a dirty dive, pole-dancing with her eyes closed, imagining herself to be somewhere else. She definitely is not here by choice, jumping to avoid the dirty grabby hands trying to get a piece of her. What she never expected was the one man she never could stop dreaming about to suddenly show up, and order her on the back of his bike.

As an undercover operator for the FBI, you sometimes have to spend years building up your cover and Raul Sanchez, president of the Lagsturns Motorcycle Club, has eight years of hard work put in. It took him that long to prove himself and win the loyalty and trust of this group of outlaw bikers.
For many months he lived under the impression that the woman he had turned away, was dead at the hands of the Mexican mob. When he finds out she is alive and in possible danger, he doesn't hesitate. He goes to 'collect' her and keep her safe, and damn the consequences.

Unaware of Raul's real profession, Crystal is completely confused by his sudden appearance. All she knows is that he tossed her out of the club house, quite suddenly, almost a year ago. She has no way of knowing he was trying to protect her. Had Raul realized he was throwing her to the 'wolves', in the hands of drug dealers, he might have thought twice.  Now he wont let her out of his sight again until the big players have been brought down, and the threat against his woman is gone.

But secrets tend to get in the way, and both Raul and Crystal have plenty of them. Once they are forced to come clean with each other, they realize it is not just the Mexican Mafia they have to fear, but some pretty powerful people from Crystal's past as well. 


A hard-lovin', hot-bodied biker who no longer knows what side of the law he is on, takes on a tenacious, barely surviving fallen angel, to rescue, to tame, to protect and to hold.

Fast moving from page one, I was not bored for one minute. Lots of action and intrigue, some seriously steamy sex and an interesting twist at the end!

Even though this is technically a stand alone book, there was a lot of background context to catch up with in this story. All of which is very important to understanding the dynamics in the book. Both of this story's main characters, Raul and Crystal appeared in a previous book, BREATHING HIS AIR, and we see that story's protagonists, Rain and Tori again in this book as well. 

Crystal in particular was not necessarily a nice person then, but only now do we find out the circumstances, and suddenly her character is much more understandable and sympathetic. 

Raul was hot, even then. In ACHING TO EXHALE we get a much closer look at him. A bit of insight and it makes him all the more appealing. 

✨Trust Debra Kayn to create chemistry that blows right off the pages!!✨

**ARC received from author in return for an honest review**

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