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CAKE by Lauren Dane

CAKE  by Lauren Dane
Advanced Reading Copy
Published: September 17th, 2013, Harlequin 

My rating: of 5

Wren Davis, helps finance her art studies, paddling packages around as a messenger, downtown Seattle. Her favorite customer is Gregori Ivanov, a gorgeous artist of Russian descent, who not only is extremely talented, but also very unusual, with his mohawk, tattoos and general bad boy attitude. Wren loves his art.......ALL of his art, of him and on him. 

Gregori has a proclivity for temporary women and frequent cake and champagne. He has lived the life of an artist since he was fifteen and is quite comfortable in the role. Few, if any, ever bother to know more.....except Wren. She seems to see beyond the persona that he has become. He enjoys their interactions, and could see their connection being more, but could never risk her friendship. 

Eventually temptation, just like the scrumptious imported baked delicacies he orders and indulges in, is too difficult to resist. And like a sudden recognition, just one taste of what could be, fuels a craving that  has Gregori scared out of his wits and Wren more convinced than ever of what she wants. And Wren goes after what she wants..........


Quite the delectable little treat!!

He is a somewhat jaded, well-known artist, unconventional but passionate. Many want him, for the wrong reasons,  few understand him for the right ones. He doesn't question the value of his work, but never trusts his own true worth.

She learned to trust the choices she made. Firmly believes in the artistic and the practical, and the balance it brings. She can see and interpret, as easily as look and act. She is willing to fight for what she wants and will never sell herself short. Atta girl!!

Love the strong female protagonist! Self-assured, willing to put herself out there and not waiting for life to fall in her lap, but going out and grabbing it! And she's telling him, you either want me, or you don't, so piss or get off the pot!! I'm moving ahead and I'm doing it either with or without. Just great!

Gregori is amazing too, he knows he has been pampered and indulged, by himself as well. He knows he is being a ninny and when he is being called on it, he is man enough to admit to it (fine, with a bit of convincing). Somehow, Lauren Dane manages not to diminish his 'manliness' or hunk-factor. In fact, funny enough, this little bit of a weak spot, on this particular guy is mighty appealing.........weird?

Fiercely stimulating and passionate, and a fantastic quick read!

**ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Harlequin in return for an honest review"

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