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Published: August 26th, 2013, Lyrical Press Inc.

My rating: 3.5 of 5

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With no formal training as a photographer, and with the only journalistic experience from the job obtained through an ex-lover, Erica Desoto is determined to find a new job, by first bolstering her portfolio. So having taken a leave of absence, she travels Europe to find inspiration, instead, she bumps into hot, Irish mathematician, Curt Ryan.

Curt is in Ireland assisting his family, who are under constant attack by the Irish press after a very public scandal. What he should be focusing on is finishing his PhD in mathematics, which he has been dragging out long enough, and a job offer that demands his urgent attention. He certainly doesn't have time to get distracted by a luscious Cuban beauty, who happens to live close to him, back in North Carolina.

Once back State-side, Erica and Curt hook up for a highly flammable, one night stand. After all, Curt is a serial dater, hardly ever seen with the same girl twice. Erica is a different matter altogether, not normally outgoing and never really dating, she really ventures outside of her comfort zone. Ironically, for neither of them it seems the one night is enough. 

Both treading into unknown territory, Curt and Erica explore the parameters of their 'arrangement' as well as their expectations around it, and each come to surprising conclusions.


A surprise!! Judging from the cover, the story was not at all what I expected. It was much more introspective and cerebral, and far less romantic and carnal. Not necessarily a bad thing, mind was an interesting contemplation, a story of transition and discovery. 

A story of 'maturing' in the true sense of the word; 
You can only hold your parents/upbringing responsible for your short-comings or hang-ups for so long. At some point in time you have to start owning up to that responsibility yourself. 
I think both Curt and Erica took ownership and moved beyond their respective issues. Great character growth - understandable, well described and completely plausible.

I'm not sure why, but I had a difficult time connecting with Erica. I still don't quite grasp, and it was never really explained, why she was unable to perform fellatio. It also never became quite clear how she went from almost bullied and unattached, to instantly forward, challenging and very provocative with Curt, or why?? I get that she wanted a change, she needed out, but it is not an easy thing to adapt a completely different personality, especially one as blatantly flirtatious. 

Three and a half stars, because the book is worth reading, it is well written and compelling, but I found the cover somewhat misleading and as mentioned, had some credibility issues with one character. 

✨An intriguing, transitional love story with a hint of heat.✨

**ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Lyrical Press Inc. in return for an honest review.**

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