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THE MASTER UNDONE by Lisa Renee Jones

THE MASTER UNDONE (Inside Out #2.5) by Lisa Renee Jones
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To Be Published: August 12, 2013, Pocket Star

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐

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The Master played the leading role in Rebecca's journals, but where does that leave him now? 
Feeling a responsibility he never could have imagined, the world is weighing heavily on his shoulders.

In New York dealing with a family matter that just adds to his feelings of guilt and self recriminations, he encounters a woman who seems to be able to reach into the depths of him with the merest word or touch. Yet she does not seem to need or ask anything from him, and leaves him lost and wanting.....


THE MASTER UNDONE is a short novella that should be read after BEING ME, since it holds some spoiler information that could affect your reading pleasure. Personally that is something that has never bothered me, as long as a book is good, but it is important to note. 

Up until this point in the series, Mark Compton, 'the Master', has been described from the point of view of others with little insight in his motivations. This story gives us a little more context, as well as his point of view on the relationship of Rebecca and her Master. 

The entire story is told from Mark's POV and as such give us a look at his emotional response when confronted with Crystal, a woman who embodies everything he should not be attracted to, but is, and who challenges his driven need for control with her own.

The grappling for domination is evident and it seems to crank up the heat even higher. Ms. Jones has done a wonderful job conveying the internal struggle between needing to control and uncontrollable desire. This is a combination of characters I would love to see explored further........I bet it would be explosive!!!

The series in a nutshell:

  • If I Were You (Book 1, Inside Out)
  • Rebecca's Lost Journals 1: The Seduction (Book 1.1, Inside Out)
  • Rebecca's Lost Journals 2: The Contract (Book 1.2, Inside Out)
  • Rebecca's Lost Journals 3: His Sumissive (Book 1.3, Inside Out)
  • Rebecca's Lost Journals 4: My Master (Book 1.4, Inside Out)
  • Being Me (Book 2, Inside Out)
  • The Master Undone (Book 2.5, Inside Out)
  • Revealing Us (Book 3, Inside Out) coming September 2013 

**ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Pocket Star in return for an honest review.**

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