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FIRST TEMPTATION (Covert Affairs 1.5) by Joan Swan

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FIRST TEMPTATION (Covert Affairs Series) by Joan Swan 
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To Be Published: August 19, 2013, Joan Swan

My rating: 4.5 of 5

Zoe Brooks is a tough and determined Border Patrol Agent, but since the death of her partner Cody, she has been looking to move into a different direction of law enforcement. When an opportunity to go undercover with ICE to bring down a new cross-border transportation mode for the powerful Mexican cartel, she is ready and eager to jump in!
Counterterrorist agent Taft Walker is not happy being partnered with the rookie undercover agent, who looks like she is better suited to working in the dark, instead of playing the part of his hot lover. Mind you, playing part owner of an adult toy store is new to him to, but he is accustomed to doing what it takes to get the job done, especially if it means shutting down the newest tunnel into the US. 
Zoe Brooks is up for the challenge and in quick order manages to show her new boss and her new partner that she is quite capable of becoming a sultry, sexy seductress, in a matter of seconds. The only thing she will need to work on is her knowledge of sex toys, in that area she is sadly under educated. Now that the initial ice is broken, the newly forged partnership quickly sparks up into a dangerously passionate zone. Staying professional while posing as lovers will not be an easy task.
Before long Taft starts to see a different, softer and passionate Zoe through the layers of hardened veneer and his normal callous attitude turns into caring. And Zoe is feels exposed by Taft's instinctive grasp of her most intimate needs and desires. Keeping their distance in order to stay focused on the case may prove to be too much of a challenge.

Yowza!!! Kick-ass independent heroine, meet yummy alpha hero!!!
Now here is a series I wanna put my teeth into! A novella, an 'in-between' in the series, with characters from the first book reappearing, but an independent story. 
The story starts off with a bang, a great first chapter with some serious action and an introduction to  Zoe that doesn't leave any doubt as to her capabilities. Second chapter comes with an introduction of humour, sarcastic dialogue with an undertone of attraction that sets up the chemistry between Taft and Zoe.....and the hook is set for the book. Very well done!!!
Each of the characters provides a bit of insight into their history and it always helps to create a better context. Not too much, but just enough 'fleshing out' for this type of story. I loved the directness between the two, when it came to desires, maybe not emotions immediately, but at least desires where met head on. Very sexy. Made you fall, right along with them.
I was a Joan Swan virgin, but as with all things delicious, after a little taste of this novella, I'm craving a full length novel next!!!
A definite recommended read!!!

**ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Joan Swan in return for an honest review.**

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