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REVEALING US by Lisa Renee Jones

REVEALING US by Lisa Renee Jones
Advanced Reading Copy
To Be Published:September 10, 2013, gallery Books

My rating: 4 of 5

🚨Very Minor Spoiler Alert🚨

(Book excerpt after review)

Still feeling dirty, bruised and battered after almost being killed and then being handed an ultimatum by Chris before he stormed out the door, Sara is trying to come to grips with what she should do next. If she doesn't go, she will lose him. She can't lose him. She knows him, knows what he wants from her. If she ever wants him to open up to her completely, she needs to do this!

Chris is waiting for her. She was so scared, but then he puts his mouth on hers and she knows her decision was the right one. 

Paris is strange, beautiful and scary. Sara feels lost when Chris is not with her, partially because of the language barrier, but more so because of the threats she perceives from every direction. She can't quite put her finger on it. The introductions into this part of Chris' life have not gone smoothly and much is yet left unspoken, but he assures her that he is ready to let go of all that pains him...........soon.

Sara has to dig deep to allow Chris to do things at his own pace, trusting that he will eventually open up completely. Almost daily immersion in a life where she is an interloper, doesn't make that any easier, but she stands strong. She knows him, and she knows she made the right decision when he finally reveals it all. 


A strong and beautiful finale!!! And it over?? You might wonder why there are question marks after a final did I.

This is the third and final book in the Inside Out Trilogy. The book starts where BEING ME left off........with resolutions to be made. And in REVEALING ME it is all about the resolve of both Sarah and Chris, the strength and endurance of their commitment and love. As well as their ultimate ability to trust in and rely on the other. 

Demons from a life past keep resurfacing, sometimes in the mind, and in some cases in person. Both Sarah and Chris need to harden their resolve, and reassure the other that together they can leave the past behind and be at peace in the moment and towards the future. 

The writing, oh the beautiful writing.... How does Lisa Renee Jones manage to crawl into the minds of these people and create such intricate, compelling and credible personalities? They become so real.... 

Then of course her deliciously wicked mind when it comes to sex or even simple intimacy. It is presented with such underlying provocation, such smoldering passion and seductive domination, I need a room to myself........each and every time I read one of her books!!!

Três Bien!!!  An uncertain sacrifice, a soul-deep connection, the ultimate revelation! A taunting and delectable tale!! 

**ARC courtesy of the author, in return for an honest review.**

~He cups my cheeks from behind and steps forward, pressing his lips to my ear. “Tonight, I want to spank you, but I won’t. Not when it would be punishment. I won’t ever do that to you. But don’t think that means I won’t want to.”

I understand Chris. I don’t know how or why but, deep in our souls, we connect, and I know what he is doing. He’s showing me a hard exterior but all I see is vulnerability, a need that tonight has sparked, to show me a darker, more dangerous side of himself, and have me not run for cover. “You can’t scare me away, Chris. So throw all the words you want at me. I’m still here. I’m still not going anywhere. And in case you forgot, I liked it when you spanked me.” 

His hand finds my stomach and then presses deeper between my legs, until his fingers tease my clit. “Maybe this time I’ll tie you up and flog you.” 

“Do it.” His fingers stroke into the silky wet V of my body, and I am panting, barely able to speak, but I swallow and somehow finish my challenge. “The more you push me, the more I push back, Chris.” 

He nips my earlobe and I can feel him unzipping his pants. “So you say,” he murmurs. 

“So I know.” Throwing caution to the wind, I press onward, trying to unleash the pent-up energy in him he bottles until it later explodes. “Only one of us is running. Only one of us is afraid of what I have yet to discover, Chris.” 

The air crackles and his hand goes to my waist, fingers flexing into my flesh, and I revel in the certainty I’ve succeeded in taking him to the edge. “You think I’m running?” he demands. 

“No. I think you’re trying to make me run so you can blame me if we fail.”

His cock presses between my legs. “Does that feel like I want you to run?” He enters me, driving hard inside me without any prelude. “Does that?” And then he is thrusting, reaching around me to meld his hand to my breast, holding onto it, and me. He thrusts again, burying himself, with a fieriness that outreaches pure physical need. Oh yes, I have made him angry and I am glad. I want this side of him, I want all of him. And damn it, he just keeps trying to deny me. He keeps trying to hold back and, yes, he keeps trying to make me run.~

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