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"STRIPPED" by Jasinda Wilder - REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

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STRIPPED by Jasinda Wilder 
Advanced Reading Copy
To Be Published: August, 16, 2013

My rating: 4 of 5

The daughter of a Baptist minister, Grey grew up with a very small world open to her. She had visions for herself, but they didn't fit with what others wanted. When she took off for L.A. to go to college there, she knew she had nothing to return to and would have to make it on her own. She did, all her focus was on her studies. But when her money runs out, and the bills keep piling up, she has no choice.........she has her back to the wall and dancing is something she does well....... 

Dawson Kellor has a second go at his acting career, but this time he wants it with a clear head. Hollywood still portrays him as a 'bad boy player', but he wants to improve his image. He was just picked to play Rhett Butler in a remake of Gone With The Wind, and is at a club celebrating with some of his cast members, when he spots her. The girl is beautiful, but all he sees in her face is sadness. She moves like a dream when she dances, and yet he can tell she doesn't belong here.

Grey knows who he is, but she doesn't understand why he is looking at her like he wants her. Not that she has any experience with that........any experience with men at all really, but he just looks........ hungry. It makes her feel even more ashamed and sick than normal. What is she doing here? He can even tell she doesn't belong. How can he tell? She never lets customers touch her, but he does. And she lets him. It confuses her, her body's responses confuse her. Having a man touch her is so sinful, why does it feel so right?

All she can do is run, but it seems she can't outrun him. Chance has her meet up with him sooner than she expected. And when she tries to run again, he follows. Dawson sees in Grey something he wants, craves. Her innocence is real, her determination to go it alone is real, her beauty inside and out is real. She is unlike anyone he has ever come across and he will not let her go.

Grey is fighting a losing battle, her grit, her stubbornness, her survival instinct are no match for Dawson.

This man, who epitomizes all that is supposed to be wicked, is slowly and determinedly unlocking all the forbidden places of her body, her mind and her heart.    


STRIPPED is a modern day fairy tale..........with Grey being the underprivileged, innocent, struggling heroine, and Dawson the knight in expensive, yet slightly battle weary armour, who comes to the rescue. Of course there is much more to this story, but the basic premise is there, as is the happily ever after............except the sex is waaaaay better!

The maturing of Grey was evident through this book, and her character well defined, although I would imagine early on in a relationship with a celebrity, there would be many struggles for a rather naive and lonely girl like Grey, but she seems to slide from socially inexperienced and insecure straight into a well-balanced and wholesome relationship........her first ever, no less!! I would have liked to have seen a little more 'face-time' with the developing relationship, to make the story more grounded. Having said that, her awakening from a solitary, sheltered and disconnected mouse to a vibrant, sensual and bright-shining light is clear to see.

I missed the changeover in her father........I want to know a bit more about what happened to make him change so drastically. There really is no adequate explanation offered for that and he ends up embracing all he hated with a passion before to the point of denouncing his daughter. Pretty radical turn-about!

Dawson was a character with just enough context, but for me he served more as a strong supporting role to Grey, than an equal one in terms of carrying the story. Dawson is there as a catalyst, to help her lose the restrictive influence her upbringing continues to have on her ability to soar. His own background is addressed to give some context to the his bad boy image that he struggled to overcome. Since he already faced and beat back his demons, I think his character was perfectly suited to balance Grey in her struggle to break free and fly. 

Jasinda Wilder has a way of describing scenes, that are so deliciously vivid and sensually unhurried, you imagine you can almost 'feel' the actions described at times. She writes a powerful love story, that draws you in and holds you, either with compelling characters, story line or sweetly erotic love scenes.

✨A blend of lustful innocence, wicked determination and a gripping plot!!!✨

**ARC courtesy of the author, in return for an honest review.**

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