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RECKLESS by Skye Jordan

RECKLESS (Renegades) by Skye Jordan
Advanced Reading Copy
Published: August 23rd, 2013, Cygnet Books

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐

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Lexi LaCroix hasn't had the best luck with men. For the most part, the gorgeous high end wedding dress designer has been weighed and measured on looks alone, and that is something that has become almost offensive to her. Lexi is more, much more than just the sum of her exterior attributes. She worked very hard to get where she is today, and still does, to keep her exclusive designs coming and her store afloat. She has all but given up on the opposite sex, until her best friend reminds her that there is nothing wrong with an anonymous, innocent fling.

Jax Chamberlin gave up his big Hollywood career in favor of doing stunt work, just to get away from the superficial life and artificial connections. Women have not given up on him, though. One after the other have hooked up with him, with promises of an honest relationship, only to turn around and use him for his fame or his connections. So Jax doesn't trust easily anymore and is immediately suspicious of any attractive interested female.   

However, when an anonymous text message exchange leads into a one night, out of town, no identity hook-up between the exciting, hot and dangerous, bad boy Jax and the sweet, mysterious and sensual Lexi, one night does not seems like enough. Lexi is faced risking her self made career should she expose herself, but the temptation is strong, especially with Jax asking to see her again, without ever having really 'seen' her. 
When it is clear their mutual attraction isn't going anywhere, and once the first secret comes out, before you know it both of their lives and their fears are out in the open. 


Holy hotness!!! This is one sexy book!! 

I really like the storyline.....for once main characters who are BOTH jaded by fame, looks and bad experiences. Basically both suffering similar trust issues, although for Lexi it had more to do with public perception and how it affected her career than her own opinion. She was very invested in the fact hat she had pulled herself up from nothing, and had done it without any help, which was extremely important to her. For Jax his issues were also not as surface deep as it seemed at first peek, he had some serious esteem issues remaining from growing up in a superficial movie industry family and choosing a different path for himself. 

Skye Jordan has an incredible ability to make a love scene almost tangible, the only thing better than reading it would be to listen to a scene by her design narrated in a dark, gruff, sexy voice through a set of headphones so I can close my eyes..........

Ice-packs are back in the freezer, waiting for the next book.......there will be a next book, right???

✨ A seriously succulent piece of writing!!!✨

**ARC Courtesy of NetGalley and Cygnet Books in return for an honest review.**

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