Monday, August 19, 2013

THE ALIBI by Sandra Brown

THE ALIBI by Sandra Brown
Advanced Reading Copy
To Be Published: August 27th, 2013, Grand Central Publishing

My rating: of 5

When Lute Pettijohn is found murdered, not many in Charleston mourn his passing. That doesn't mean to say that his death doesn't have an loosens up enough dirt in the town's upper social circles to shake its foundations.

And caught in the centre, as Assistant District Attorney, is Hammond Cross. Of course it doesn't help that the night of the murder he had the most amazing encounter with a beautiful woman, who turned out to be his number one suspect.

Dr. Alex Ladd hadn't intended for things to go this far. All she had hoped to accomplish was to stop her past from creeping up on her and threatening her carefully built, respectable life. She should never have allowed her feelings to weigh in on the decision to spend the night with the handsome man from the county fair. 

Now Hammond and Alex each have dangerous secrets that can mean the other's salvation or their downfall........


Perched on the edge of my seat until the very last page!!!!

I have always loved Sandra Brown's books, great suspense with just enough romance to keep it interesting.

THE ALIBI is a prime example of her excellence. A story set in a city steeped in history, old families, social circles, old boy politics and golf course nepotism, and the one man who chooses to stand for his moral and ethical convictions instead.

The build up of the protagonists' characters was slow, but oh so effective. The pace of getting to know the main characters was imperative to the building tension in the story line. Each little snippet of information I learned, gave me an opportunity to work out a possible scenario for myself and thus keep me engaged the entire span of the book. 

Every turn of the page awarded me with a piece to the puzzle and at times I flipped back a few pages to check my previously gained information. I love it when stories allow you, as reader, to become so engaged, that you don't just swallow whole what the author feeds you, you take the snippets, and try to run off with them on your own! The best part is when, on the last few pages, you discover that you miscalculated, and the author had one last twist up the sleeve, one you will be unable to discount......once all the evidence is laid out.

THE ALIBI is an intricately woven tale of deceit, ambition, envy, love, jealousy, justice and morality.

✨A brilliantly stimulating read!!!✨

**ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing in return for an honest review.**

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