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NINGALOO NIGHTS by Tracy Cooper-Posey

NINGALOO NIGHTS by Tracy Cooper-Posey
Published: July 24th, 2013, Tracy Cooper-Posey (2nd edition)

My rating: 2.5 of 5 

When Sherry Abandonato pulls up to what looks to be no more than a shack, outside of Ningaloo in a barren and almost unpopulated area of Australia, she feels like a fish out of water. Since finding out her sister disappeared from here just ten days ago, she has taken a leave of absence from her work as a New York cop, cashed in as much money as she could get together and hopped a plane. All efforts to locate her sister by local authorities have been called off, and she needs to find the one man who is able to help Sherry find her.

Mason Hayward is not particularly liked in town, but he is still known as the best guide around. Especially when it comes to finding Derremawan.  He doesn't take kindly to the intrusion on his outdoor shower, regardless of his physical response to the woman in front of him. But after a rather heated exchange, and after that an even hotter passionate encounter, Mason and Sherry are able to reach an agreement.

Sherry will give herself completely and without reservation to Mason, under his control and on his conditions. And in return he will get her to Derremawan and will try and help her find her sister. In three days in the stifling heat, Sherry finds herself responding differently to Mason's dominating attitude. The end result is not what she expected.


Hmmmmm. The book does not quite live up to what the story outline seems to suggest. 

When I read the book description provided, I expected there to actually be a solid red thread to lead me from A to B. But as promising as the earlier pages were, with suggestions of foul play and such, that suspense aspect got lost completely in a ongoing sexual frenzy. 

Mind you!! The sex scenes were fabulous! Raunchy, hot, steamy, with a good core of BDSM, but the story line had disappeared. Our lovely heroine, swearing up a storm one minute, and the submitting sweetly the next, all but forgot about her poor sister, who could well be in horrible peril somewhere or even dead. But I guess passion clouds everything.....even concern for a lost sibling who is the only living relative she has left. 

If the premise of the story had been anything but a missing sister lost in the wilderness, I probably would have been much more inclined to enjoy the book. As I said, the sex was incredible, but as it was, I simply found it annoying and misleading.

Too bad, because Tracy Cooper-Posey can certainly write!! This story just didn't work for me, but it won't put me off trying again, because she sure knows how to describe a scorcher of a 'scene' and her leading man is damn hot!!

**ARC courtesy of NetGalley and the author in return for an honest review.**

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