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MISSING by Noelle Adams

MISSING by Noelle Adams
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Published: August 19th, 2013, Noelle Adams

My rating: 3.5 of 5 ⭐

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Lynn Madison had not seen Nathan Livingston since she had interned in his office during his stint in congress. He had since given up his political aspirations for a career in consulting and Lynn had started a web magazine with her former husband. 

Nathan looked sad and kind of lonely when she approached him. They talked, they walked, and then they ended up in a hotel room, something they would repeat every three months, by mutual agreement. Neither of them had room in their life for a relationship, for nothing of a more permanent or more committed nature.

For Nathan, his first priority would always be his daughters. He learned his lesson when his oldest girl ran away two years ago, and although she has written, he has not seen her or been and to locate her. Balancing a career and single handedly raising children was not something that came natural to him, but he does what he can not to make the same mistakes with his sixteen year old. And hopes that one day he will have a chance to mend some fences with his oldest daughter. Time for romance is something he doesn't have, but an occasional night of hot sex with the delectable Lynn is not something he is willing to turn down.

Lynn's reasons for keeping her association with Nathan very casual and sparse is mostly career related. The web magazine she runs regularly features political issues or figures, and if she were publicly associated with a prominent political consultant, it would harm her credibility with her readers and undermine her trustworthiness as a journalist. Seeing as that is a reputation she has worked hard to build, she would hate to see it put to risk. But the lure of a passionate night in bed with Nathan every three months is irresistible. 

The set up works, for a while........until their lives catch up with them, and there is no avoiding the impact one has on the other.


Fascinating and well-written love story!

I was really happy to see some mature main characters for a change!!! However, what disappointed me in that, was that it seemed that it also took out a lot of the 'romance'......everything was rather calculated. I understand it was part of the story line...... This neatly choreographed quarterly tryst, to avoid any messy entanglements that would sully each of their perfectly structured and maintained individual lives......but even when feelings did become involved, and the unexpected did happen, everything stayed 'controlled' and tidy. A bit unlike real least what I know as real life, in my middle's seriously messy!!!!

I loved the concept though, the change in Nathan, from not having a clue what he is doing as a father, but working by what he was brought up still not having a clue what he is doing, except now he is doing it with feeling, from the gut and instinctively, without giving his brain a chance to speak for him first!! Much better!!

Ms. Adams can certainly write sexual desperation into a love scene...... These two rarely seem to make it further than the wall for their first orgasm! Guess it's true.....abstinence does something alright......

✨A compelling, sweet, yet spicy tale of balance.✨

**ARC courtesy of NetGalley and the Author in return for an honest review.**

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