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ALL FIRED UP by Nikki Dee Houston

by Nikki Dee Houston
ARC Review
Published: November 1, 2013

My rating: 3 of 5 ⭐️

On her first day at the Hillwood Firestation, Cindy has already developed a crush on her boss and made an enemy out of one of her colleagues. Always at the top of her class at the academy, Cindy is determined to prove her worth to the Firestation and the crew. It appears that she has at least impressed her captain.

It doesn't take Dave long to get Cindy alone in his office and she makes it perfectly clear that she is not opposed to the subtle moves he puts on her. In no time at all the sparks between them erupt and they are all over each other. But the work relationship requires them to be cautious and the volume of calls they have to respond to has kept both of them busy.

When a mistake from the past won't go away and a dangerous fire tests both skills and faith, it seems the deck might just be stacked against them.....


A whole lot of story packed into a short book.

Cindy is a kickass woman, who has made her way through the academy top of her class and is able to take care of herself. She seems a little impulsive, to say the least, evident from actions both in her history described and within days of her arrival at her new job, tending to think about potential consequences AFTER the fact. But, she takes everything on the chin and doesn't shy away for or from anything.

I couldn't really get a grip on Dave, he too seemed a tad impulsive, especially someone in his position, which messes with the credibility a little, because in every other aspect of his job he seems to be as professional as can be. We don't learn a whole lot about Dave.....or Cindy for that matter, which makes it a bit hard to place him. But I guess with the body of a Demi-god.......who needs a personality?? (Oops, did I just say that out loud??)

The storyline had all kinds of promise and would have made a fantastic full sized novel. Lots of material to work with and directions to take it in. As a short story it felt a bit two-dimensional and without a tremendous amount of depth. Despite its length, it wasn't lacking in sex scenes.....the hot and sweaty kind, in all its detailed glory!

A short hot burst of action!

**ARC provided in return for an honest review.**  Kobo ARe Barnes&Noble


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