Saturday, January 4, 2014

HOLDING OUT by Lila Rose

(Hawks Motorcycle Club #1)
By Lila Rose
ARC Review
Published: December 5, 2013

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

For two years, Zara Edgingway, secretary for an investigation firm and single mother of a precocious six year-old, has lived next to the hot biker president of the Hawks motorcycle club across the street. Despite some occasional flirting and the odd suggestive remark, he has not once made a serious move on her, when all of a sudden he is all up in her face, claiming her as 'his woman', and apparently she is supposed to fall at his feet. Right!

Talon Marcus has kept close tabs and a keen eye on his pretty neighbour Zara, not wanting to scare her off if he moved in on her too soon. But after. A couple of years of dancing around each other, it was time to stake his claim. Reserved and careful as she was, her spunky nature and interest in him started shining through at times and he intended to capitalize on it. Her resistance wasn't going to hold him back, especially not when her body language told him something different altogether.

Just as Talon is forcing his way into Zara's life and home, she receives some disturbing news and with that comes the first sign that perhaps the past she had been hiding from is not as far behind her as she thought. Signs are piling up that she might not be safe and Talon in his self-appointed role as 'her man' takes his protective duties very seriously, keeping tabs on her at all times with the help of his MC.

When trust is betrayed and lives are threatened, it will take a leap of faith for Zara and Talon to come through......alive.


A gut-bustingly fun & steamy thrill read!!!

I can't remember why I picked up this book, but I'm so glad I did!! It was a blast!! Not necessarily a deep emotional brain twister, but a good solid, SUPER entertaining read, with scrumptiously hot Alpha biker dudes, screamingly hilarious and spunky besties, one sweetly gentle and one flamingly outrageous gay guy and a mouthy and mischievous six year-old. Add to that some seriously creepy obsessive ex with a wide reach and you have this great introductory novel to the Hawks Motorcycle Club Series!!!

Zara has been in hiding for years from an abusive ex and just recently has started coming out of her shell a bit, regaining some of her sassy personality and outgoing nature. But she balks at the caveman attitude Talon tends to throw around at first, it feels a little too close to being controlled, although HIS control is something that gives her tingles instead of chills!!

Having lived a rather typical fast and loose lifestyle, Talon knew that Zara was different, which is why he took his time with her. She was someone to settle down with. He had not always been a model citizen, but had cleaned up most of his act and that of the MC, considering it his family now. He wanted Zara to be part of that.

Lila Rose uses colourful, straight language, vivid imagery and delicious humour to enhance a good, solid storyline. I can't wait for the next book in the series.

Seriously!! Great laughs, fantastic dialogue, terrific rhythm and good action!! 

Cheeky, intense and red-hot page-turner!! Barnes&Noble


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