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SWEET REVENGE by Rebecca Zanetti

(Sin Brothers #2)
by Rebecca Zanetti
ARC Review
Published: December 3, 2013, Forever

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

With six weeks left before his and his brothers' time ran out, genetically engineered military 'secret weapon' Matt Dean was hot on the trail of the one doctor who might be able to save his and his family's lives. The trail leads him right to Charmed, Idaho, where he ends up wounded in an alley behind a bar, where he is discovered by the bar owner. A small green-eyed beauty who, after 'rescuing' him, promptly faints at the sight of his blood.

For five years Laney Jacobs has successfully hidden out in her bar in Charmed, escaping a past she fears and regrets. Though initially suspicious of the huge, handsome and clearly military man, she quickly warms up to him when he shows her he is absolutely no threat to her. With a busy couple of weeks ahead and some odd events taking place, Laney won't turn down the extra pair of hands Matt is offering. Not to mention the added protection.

Work at Laney's bar provides Matt with the perfect cover to investigate his lead a little closer, while at the same time making sure Laney was safe. The bar owner was awakening all kinds of protective feelings in him usually only reserved for his brothers. Gauging from Laney's responses to him, she was not unaffected either. Giving in to their attraction was unavoidable and explosive, and Laney was glad for the strong arms keeping her safe. Threats were coming in steady.

With Matt's leads running dry, but danger not far off, tension is at a boiling point. And with the arrival of some unwanted support, comes the revealing of a secret that could break the case wide open, and Matt and Laney far apart.....


So friggin good!!!!! This book felt so long - just delicious!! The tension, the build up, the twists and surprises!! And the scrumptious heat....boy.....

I already fell in love with this series in the first book FORGOTTEN SINS and vowed I would read every last one of the installments. The books are technically individual HEA's, but together form a larger story that doesn't end with each book, although each of the books does have a sub story of its own. To get the full effect however, I strongly suggest you read the books in sequence, simply because it will give you a better context and greater enjoyment. 

Matt is, of all the brothers, the one who takes responsibility for all of the men. He assigned himself caregiver when they were young and he has never been able to let that go. Never having experienced anything other than brotherly love and the overwhelming sense of responsibility, the feelings that Laney awakes in him take him completely unaware, despite the fact he has seen his brother go through the same. He tries to fight it, not wanting to put Laney at risk by caring for her, but it is of no use. 

Laney has been alone in the world for so long, taking care of herself, she is unfamiliar with the feeling of being protected and safe. Matt makes her feel that way instantly, and she hardly feels inclined to resist it. Living with the realization that her cover might be up at any time, she decides to grab what she can and 'live in the moment', and Matt represents 'the moment' since he is supposed to be passing through. Despite knowing it is temporary, her heart can't be held back.

There is such intensity in Rebecca Zanetti's writing, both in the suspense as in the development of the relationship. Sex with these Dean boys can be tender, but is mostly primal and stuff!! 
The concept of the plot of this series is chilling, but in this day and age, not entirely out of the realm of possibilities, which makes it all the more frightening. So aside from delivering a scorching hot romance, Rebecca also manages to produce a high quality suspense novel that can stand up by its own merit.

✨Tight, provocative and sinister battle against deadlines.✨

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