Monday, January 6, 2014

"BROKEN BLADE" (Colbana Files) by JC Daniels

(Colbana Files)
by JC Daniels (Shiloh Walker)
ARC Review
Published: January 6, 2014, Shiloh Walker Inc.

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

Kit was a far cry from the warrior she used to be. Struggling to get up every day after being rescued from the hands of the vampire Jude, who used her as his 'play-thing' and subject of torture for a while. Not even her scars would heal, he made sure of that.

Trusting only one or two friends, not wanting to face anyone especially not Damon, the shifter who had dumped her right before she was taken, she holed up in her friend's bar slinging drinks to get through the day. But when a young girl, pregnant by a shifter, is in trouble, Kit knows it is time for her to step up and help.

She never expected her first venture back into the real world to end up turning into a full fledged battle. A battle which would require her to pull in every connection she has, since something is determined to upset the precarious balance of their world.....and destroy them in the process.


A highly imaginative and descriptive tale of mysticism.

The story describes the difficult (mostly) psychological revival of a warrior, someone very much in control of their own and other's destinies, who spent an extended period of time at the complete mercy of another's sick and twisted idea of 'fun'. Surviving the physical hardships of such an ordeal is the simple part. For Kit, more than just the experience itself, but also the events leading up to, and all the emotions that came with it, have become stuck in time and are difficult to process away. Moving forward from that period, not just physically but emotionally will take it's toll and whether friendship, and relationship will be able to survive is the million dollar question.

Her friends and her lover, Damon are stuck in the void with her, not able to move on until she does. All of them wrecked by guilt for what they have done or failed to do that might have contributed to the situation.

This new challenge that has fallen into kit's lap is so large and all-encompassing, it forces her beyond what she might otherwise have been comfortable with in her recovery process, speeding up her reconnection with her 'old' life and some of her healing.

Fantasy and the paranormal are not normally genres that have my preference, but I love JC Daniel's (Shiloh Walker) writings and given the opportunity to read this book, I could not let it pass. I was not disappointed, there is something mesmerizing in the way she uses words, a flow in the writing that keeps you hooked. So despite the fact that this is the first book in this series I have read, I was easily drawn in and picked up on the overall context quite comfortably. Well done!

✨A haunting, charged and powerful story of survival.✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest review.**  Barnes&Noble



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