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ONE RIDE by Chelsea Camaron

(The Hellions Ride #1)
by Chelsea Camaron
ARC Review
Published: December 19, 2013

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

Growing up a 'princess' of the Hellions MC, Delilah Reklinger, Doll for short, knew better than to mess with the rules of the club. No screwing around with a club member and no sticking your nose in business affairs. Well, looks like she was in danger of breaking one and had inadvertently already broken the other. That's why her father, Roundman the president of the Hellions, had placed Doll on the back of the bike of one of the hottest bikers she had laid her eyes on. He was supposed to take her out of town. That's where her next problem came in.......she wanted to climb all over him already, so how was she supposed to resist him when she was plastered all over him for days?

Protecting his MC family was always first priority for a president, but when his own daughter became the focus of one of the club's more dangerous associates, he couldn't move her to safety fast enough. Putting her on the back of one of his associate club presidents' bike was the lesser of two evils by far. 
Didn't mean he was gonna send them off without some strict instructions!

Talon "Trip" Crew wasn't happy that he and his crew were commissioned to take and protect Doll, but when the prez issued an order, you followed. Not that it would be a hardship being pressed between the gorgeous blonde's thighs on the bike all day, but with her being off limits, it would be a form of slow torture for him. She surprises him with her feisty attitude though, he had expected her to be more high maintenance, but she turns out to be a tough cookie who knows how to roll with the punches.

Constantly aware of the danger following them on their cross country track, Doll and Trip are often forced to stay in close quarters, which makes resisting the heat between them impossible. 


Fantastic characters which promises an awesome series!!!

I really LOVED the personalities of the main characters. 
Trip came across as a bit jaded, hard and abrasive outer shell, but inherently a good man who just wanted to live life on his terms and never really had needed to take anyone into account before. Of course, toting Doll along on the back of his bike changed that a bit, given that he not only was to protect her, but also was painfully aware of her at all times. But that wasn't the only reason. 
Doll, although she grew up for the most part shielded and protected from the harsher realities of the world she lives in, is not stupid. She chose to close her eyes for years because that was what was expected of her and it was easier at that time. Now that she was away from her father's 'kingdom', so to speak, I being threatened and in danger, AND had the serious hots for a guy she shouldn't like so much, Doll made herself heard and it was very clear she wasn't an easy push over nor a drama queen. 

The storyline started off amazing and I my expectations were very high. At first they were met, but as the book progressed, I was a little disappointed to discover that the suspense portion of the story took place mostly behind the scenes. Now if what I suspect is correct, then we will likely get a bit of a flashback in a future book that deals with some of the secondary characters from ONE RIDE, but for the purposes of this book, I would have loved to be 'in' on a bit more of the action!!

The writing itself is great!! There is humour enough to make it colourful. The chemistry is blazing hot. The language is crass at times but real and direct, which, as you know, is my preference, since that is our day to day language of communication. The flow is comfortable and easy to follow and there doesn't seem to be any hesitation in the story telling, meaning that Ms. Camaron. Seems to know exactly where she is going with this book. And as I suggested before....perhaps not just with this book, but with the next one as well...... 

There is obviously more story to be told, and I for one will be front and centre to read what comes next!!!

✨Fast, fierce and mighty HAWT!!✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest review.**  Barnes&Noble


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