Monday, January 13, 2014

"FIGHTING FOR IRISH" by Gina Maxwell

(Fighting For Love #3)
by Gina Maxwell
ARC Review
Published: January 13, 2014, Entangled Brazen

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

Hiding away in a small town Louisiana pub, seemed to Kat McGregor to be working so far. The crime boss who was after her for payment of her 'boyfirend's' gambling debt, had not been able to find her.....yet. In the meantime, however, her wages and tips were barely enough to make rent, let alone try and put enough aside in hopes of one day being able to pay off the whopping twenty grand. She really didn't want to spend the rest of her life on the run, but with her ex in jail on drug charges and the loan shark sure to catch up sooner than later, she didn't seem to have much of a choice.

When ex-MMA fighter, Aiden O'Brien is approached by his friend Jax to check on his fiancé's sister who may be in trouble, he heads out to Louisiana. Finding her in a run down cafe, it only takes one look at her to make him decide to stay on and make sure trouble stays away from her. He signs on as a 'cooler' at the bar and runs interference whenever someone gets too close or too handsy with Kat. Dubbing him "Irish", Kat seems intent on solving her own problems and isn't always receptive to his 'help', but that doesn't stop him.

When it looks like trouble has finally caught up with Kat, Irish manages to interfere and strike a deal trying to buy off the debt. In doing so he has to enter the ring once again. Fighting is something he never thought he would do again, but he is discovering that he will fight for Kat's money, for her life and if he thought he was worth it, he would fight for her love too........


This is SOOOO delicious!!! Irish is THE most scrumptious blue collar alpha male EVER!! 

I am such a junkie for a good suspense and when you couple it with a phenomenally scorching hot romance (and when I say scorching....I mean OUCH!!), it is full body shiver good!!!!

The self-imposed guilt Aiden carries around for something that happened years ago and ended his fighting career and his feelings of self-worth, has crippled his outlook on life. His mind is in constant battle with his body and his heart. Even when it is clear that his feelings are reciprocated, he still is able to convince himself that he knows what is best for Kat......and it isn't him. Typical stubborn assed, alpha idiot!! Thank goodness for woman with backbone!!

Enter Kat, who despite a horribly traumatic childhood, and a naive and reactive life since, has stepped up to the plate since being on her own for the first time ever. She likes it. Never thought she would be able to stand on her own two feet but she was doing it and getting stronger every day. Too bad she was being haunted by other people's sins, but she was determined to deal with that too. Trust was something she didn't give easily, she had that taken away from her, but Irish slowly allowed that to build. Until she trusted enough to lean a little.

Loved the characters..... What is it about 'victims' turning fierce and hard nosed alphas going tender, that is so compelling?? It turns me to mush. Great character development for both Aiden and Kat, each coming in their own, battling back the past and turning full face forward. 

Gina Maxwell does a fabulous job in balancing between sweet perfection and carnal delights, with a healthy dose of hair-raising, bone-crunching violence!

✨Stimulating, fiery, and potent!✨

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