Wednesday, January 15, 2014

ONE TO KEEP by Tia Louise

(One To Hold #2)
by Tia Louise
ARC Review
Published: January 16, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

Taking over for his older brother, the Knight, in the investigation company Alexander & Knight, Patrick knight has just settled into his new apartment in Princeton, where the company is located. Burned by his ex-fiancĂ© whom he found cheating on him with a neighbour, he is eager to open a new chapter in his life, one that does not include any kind of long term commitment. He plans to simply screw any lingering pain out of his system. 

Every woman he encounters seems to offer an opportunity. The secretary at his new office, who isn't interested. The girl at the tattoo shop, who bites, but as it turns out is better suited as a friend. And finally the girl from the temp agency, who seems to throw herself at him on day one, and who is he to hold her back? But when the last one appears to want to cling, he takes off on a job that'll keep him in the hot desert heat of Arizona for a few days.

That is where he meets her. Elaine. A beautiful blonde breath of fresh air who immediately makes his heart jump. Elaine seems to have the same instant response to him and while he is there, they spend all their time together. But Elaine is not interested in a rebound relationship and especially not one that requires a six hour drive to see each other. Depressed and frustrated, Patrick returns home to Princeton.

Staying busy to keep his mind off Elaine, isn't really working and when Elaine calls him in tears, he is off like a shot. Staying away from each other wasn't working so well for either, but now that they are together, they still have the distance to contend with. And also some unfinished business that seems to have popped back up into Patrick's life, threatening to end the relationship before it has a chance to get started.


Another well-written book by Tia Louise!! 

Second in this series and although it has it's own HEA, it runs a parallel timeframe with Tia's first book, ONE TO HOLD. So I do suggest, for a better understanding, that you read that story first, otherwise some of the context may seem random. 

Patrick is quite an impulsive and emotional guy. Acting before he thinks most of the time, as is evident in both the trouble he finds himself in as well as the speed with which he falls in love. A decent guy, though, no bad blood, simply feeling betrayed and angry and acting out somewhat irresponsibly at first. He also doesn't make the smartest choices when it comes to disclosure, which when I think about it, is one of the main reasons for problems in relationships in books (and life). 

Elaine has a much smaller role in this book, in part because the entire story is written from Patrick's point of view. She isn't there for a substantial part of the events that take place. However, her character is an important one, at the very least in terms of her effect on Patrick. A little gun-shy herself because of a recent failed relationship, she also was not exactly looking for anything, and was bowled over by Patrick just as much as the other way around. And it was her who sought contact after they initially parted ways when leaving Arizona. Patrick's faith and trust in women had been substantially dented at this time and it was important she make herself the more vulnerable one that first move. 

The fact that the story of Patrick and Elaine overlaps the story of Derek and Melissa, causes a bit of disruption in the flow. It wasn't quite as smooth a storyline as the first book, but rather a sequence of events that collectively made up the same timeframe that the previous book covered. So even though the romance was a complete beginning to end story, some of the side events that fed into it, seemed a tad overplayed. The temp incident and follow up still doesn't really make a lot of sense in the grand scope of the story. 

The writing style by Ms. Louise is fabulous though, she has a flair for painting a scene, making pictures pop up in your head as you are reading her words. In some cases, that requires retreating to find some privacy!!! Holy Hanna!! I tripled my hot flash quota, reading this book!! 

✨A touching story of seduction, betrayal and rewards.✨

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  1. Yay! I'm so happy you enjoyed Patrick's story--it was so fun to write. Thank you~ :) <3 Tia

    1. you're so nice! Thank you so much--that is always good to hear~ :) <3